October 27, 2013


There was a two year span, perhaps, of late nights in my teenage Minneapolis bedroom where my neon dreams of adult life to begin was limned entirely by Lou Reed's Transformer. I couldn't find Velvet Undergound records on vinyl (used vinyl was my shopping medium, affordable on $5.15/hour record shoppe minimum wages) and by the time I did hear V.U. I knew 25 other band's records by heart that aped them in a way that was more meaningful to me. I was a punk 16 going on 17 in 1993, I hated anything that happened in the sixties on principle. But, Lou. He was crude, lucid, simple, sentimental, shy of proper adulthood but yet opening the door on underground existence that was beyond childhood, beyond protection. It made sense and it made me hungry for the thrall of the wide world; beyond.

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