November 26, 2012

November 18, 2012


Some recent clips:

Angel Haze mixtape review for SPIN. She is taking hip hop places you never thought it would go vis a vis survivor/feminist real-life.

My review of the first ten Joni Mitchell albums for Pitchfork. Second longest review they've ever run on the site, proud to say. My original included way more seventies gossip and a joke at Glenn Frey's expense.

My Kendrick Lamar cover from last month's SPIN. Such a good dude; full and total real thing, he.

Reviewed the Cee Lo XMAS album for Pitchfork. Not as bad as you would think, at all. He wrote a duet for himself and The Muppets. Which is about as baller as you can get. Also, vis a vis The Voice judges albums from this season, the Christina Aguilera record is really pretty great.

In file under assignments that give you great pleasure and make you feel so very old: a Bikini Kill oral history for SPIN. 20 year anniversary of their debut EP. TWENTY. Also, I wish I could have gotten Justin Trosper's entire story about the day Kathleen Hanna came and spoke to his high school in there. She actually came with to all his classes for half the day including home ec where he was the only boy, it was finals so they were baking cakes or something and he pretended Kathleen was his girlfriend to try to make a preppy girl he liked jealous/interested and it totally worked. I would totally read an Olympia history/Trosper memoir zine.

Archive for all the Fan Landers columns. Last week was some real talk for a band in Nashville. The previous week was a shy punker of 31 who felt like the old creep at shows and some thoughts on coming out.

And here are all my recaps for Rolling Stone so far for this season of The Voice, the best-best-worst musical competition schaudenfreude (sp?) on the television. People with insane talent being made to sing Michael Bolton songs, teenagers sobbing despite perfect renditions of Pink songs, in the style of Pink, bitchy gay cowboys throwing shade on Xtina on live TV. The only show I would take as much pleasure in recapping is Frontline or maybe Roadshow, though with Frontline there is way less room for mean jokes and side notes about everyones outfits.

And that is the most of it. Oh, and my latest Trib column: Angel Olsen interview.

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