May 29, 2010


Now I don't. Perhaps it just retrospectively glows in the wake of/comparison to contemporary pop? Or Maybe it was more that at the time, it just seemed way less potent then the Rhythm Nation hottrax.

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May 28, 2010


Dave Sitek's one-ocean-of-reverb-fits-all production style, sometimes I have liked, but generally just in the context of Tv On The Radio albums. All those tender young chanteuses albums he's steamrollered--well, some, like Holly Miranda, shined through. Then there is this, which is a live mp3 of Mz. Miranda shredding Etta James' "I'd Rather Go Blind" like it was a subpoenaed document. And it just makes you wish for the record HM could have made without Siteks dusty veil of studio habits.

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May 24, 2010


I am headed home, from my last away game of the preggo season. Bellingham is like a seaside jungle in comparison to Chicago. It makes Chicago feel like a Rickety Inferno of Trash and Gunplay™. Here, there is an ice cream place with all weirdo handmade ice creams and they had Cardamom flavor--essentially, I would move here for that. I am not speaking simply as a parody of a woman 7 months pregnant, but as a grown woman who likes her ice cream weird. Is there no similar place in Chicago? I feel like I would know about it. I don't mean like, grassfed Lavender artistisan-crafted 9 dollar shit that they stock at the yuppie groceries. I know about that.

Also, at the feminist roundtable safe space discussion jam yesterday, friend Jenn Hartman said "our band sings about cunts and vaginas, you know typical lady band stuff" and another lady in another band said that her band mostly had songs about "boobs and pizza". They are a party band and resent having what they do be called feminist. Last night I kept trying to remember the party bands name, and thinking it was Krokus* and laughing at my own mistake. It is Rombus.
Perhaps a shirt to be made: "Feminist Pizza and Boobs"
or perhaps someone more enterprising could open such a place, as kind of like a lesbian Hooters.

Perhaps another shirt to be made: "I wanna fuck the Smoke Monster"
I have never seen a Lost. Last night and today, everything that is being discussed on the internet-hole makes zero sense to me. It's like suddenly being an Amish or a Grandma.

Also, also, last and totally not least--MATT GRADUATED FROM LAW SCHOOL pt. 1, he is a Juris Doctor! Me and Lil' Squirmy cried at the ceremony, cried with pride. Well, I cried and Squirmy dreamt he was running in the park, pounding his wee baby feet into my organs. One day I will show him pictures and tell him all about it.

(* PS NO ONE DOES POST MODERN APOCALYPSE FANTASY LIKE EIGHTIES METAL BAND VIDEOS. Someone in a lion costume interpretive dancing around a coffin? A guy that looks like Captain Lou raping, or perhaps eating a slave girl? The lady pimp in a leotard? The pensive guy in a loin cloth pulling a pair of Nike dunks from a glowing sarcophagus only to escape to another century to destroy a bunch of peoples diner meals?)

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May 21, 2010


The guys in the guyliner band have to learn the hardway--go on the road to find out the true meaning of rock n' roll, friendship and along the way, take turns banging their manager and or learn that they've got the blues in them, they don;t need that Capitol contract to be "successful" and or all of America isn't like LA. I bet the latter is where the laughs come in, right?

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May 19, 2010


If you are going to the POPMIC conference at western washington university this weekend in Bellingham, I am keynoting and sitting in on a panel. If you are just around Bellingham and know of something good this weekend, let me know. I guess "good" or "fun" for most people might be diff than a waddling preggos version. Currently hobbies include: making different kinds of lemonade, taking my tomato plants outside for their "hardening off" process, sleeping for 10-12 hours at a go and doing pre-natal yoga along with my so gentle dvd of instruction on doing so.

I DJ'd Chances earlier this week and it was a good time for a final kind of outting to the partyzone. Making your way through a crowded dark dancefloor now requires a helper, as sometimes just standing there and saying "excuse me" and tapping someone gently like four times does nothing but make people angry because they want to be dancing and couldn't give less of a fuck, regardless whether you are a preggo whale or non. I am an unwieldy shape. I cannot barrel or dance my way past. Making your way through the dark crowded spaces of bars is kind of like trying to drive a riding mower through traffic, it is slow going and you have to make sure everyone sees you and drives around you.

I think I am mostly home for now. Like, until August. DJing was fun. I forget how much I miss it, how much I miss getting meticulous with my set. I played "Rat Alert" for my last song, right after the seven-minute version of "2000 Black" and it felt great; funky unity anthem into nu-Berlin aciiiiid thrump to a packed sweaty floor of queer kids grinding. I said to Morgan right then that there are few things I love as much as house music played really loudly. It's right up there with meeting new puppies and Sprecher's root beer. I'm straightedge, you know, my life drugs are pretty lightweight delights. It's easy to give into the worlds soft charms when you spent your day getting kicked in the ribs by two-inch feets of the little friend you made and have yet to meet.

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May 18, 2010


New Hit it or Quit it podcast for you this week which has a long interview with the director of the forthcoming Jobraith documentary--talking about his legacy, myth and impact as the first "out" rockstar. Adam Pfahler does the weather, talks Jawbreaker's new records, mentalist The Good Guacamoldy predicts the future, Josh Kun talks about Jews on Vinyl, the art exhibition now open in LA. It is pretty silly. The good news, also is that the show will be actually DOWNLOADABLE super soon. Like a real podcast--no longer a wooden boy.

Also, I think we might post the full 25 minute interview we did about Jobraith separately--it's such an amazing story--intense and sweet and tragic and crucial. Classic showbiz.

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May 17, 2010


Trying to find the blog, it's a Chicago dude, who is reviewing his entire record collection, in reverse alphabetical order. I was reading it regularly for a while and lost the link in my gooey preggo brain.
Do you know what it is? Is it you?

Also. What are the best local to chicago non-pro music blogs?

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May 13, 2010


This Jay Haze remix of Dominique Young Unique undoes her Ass song with big messy drums and turns her voice into a squirrel voice. After seeing her at SXSW, and see people really lose their shit over her mediocre-at-best performance with cries of "SHE KILLED IT", I am backing off of my previous glowing endorsements. She was genuinely pretty bad, but she is really beautiful and her rhymes are nasty and her clothes were literally falling off while she rapped, which for some people is surely a dream show!--Similar sitch re: Glasser, seeing her live curdled my excitement about her music; if you cannot bear to look at the audience over the course of a half-hour on stage--you probs should be doing what you do in front of an audience. Or at least get some very dark sunglasses and keep your eyes shut, so you can at least turn TOWARDS the people watching you. She's got a new songwhich is not bad at all, though I like her better when the songs are more amorphous. Even if you are bad at what you are doing, or scared to death you are bad, you have to seem like you care, throw yourself into it. Like these kids:

FULLY PUMPED AND IMMODERATELY SUCKY! Pre-teen horns going for it!

What I do like is this: BEACHES, the Australian band that Becky Smith turned me on to today. They are from Australia, but their dreamy scuzz-psyche is vintage New Zealand. I can handle this in high doses. JJJJUUUHHHZZZZZ RRRRRUHRUHRUHRRRReeeeeeeeeeeRRR.

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May 11, 2010


Now that is some editorializing I can get behind.

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May 10, 2010


This tidbit below via Marathon Packs-

From the last paragraph of a Time Out NYC Sleigh Bells concert preview from last month:

Sleigh Bells will remain content to hold the adulation of prominent media figures and buzz-feeders such as New Yorker staffer Sasha Frere-Jones, a writer both Miller and Krauss admire. Miller even used some of the prominent names in their growing fan base to keep Krauss rooted when her commitment wavered. “When I was still in this stage when I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to stay in the classroom or apply for a different job, he would kind of throw out all these things, like, ‘Wait till M.I.A. hears it! She’s going to love it!,’” Krauss says. “‘If Sasha heard this, he would get it!’ I was just like, ‘Yeah, sure, Derek. You’re crazy. Nice try.’ But a lot of those people have said that exact thing: ‘We get it!’ What they get, I don’t quite understand, but we’re happy to have them along.

-this, to me, is the sort of hilarious/depressing reality of being a NY band--total awareness distorting what it's like to actually be a band. You go right to media commodity and think nothing of it, it's merely part of your process. Sleigh Bells greatest achievement is knowing their targets so well! Craft takes a backseat to good aim! Goaded and gilded to be the smoooothest of blog fodder in 2010! We really get the bands we deserve, no?

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New Hit it or Quit it Podcast is up. It's a real gigglestorm this week, I think.
Juan from Abe Vigoda gives us a weather/leather report, Dan Koretsky from Drag City tells us about the new Harmony Korine film Trash Humpers and about Real Housewives of OC, Jenny Hoyston of Lesbians and Erase Errata talks about her feminist Fabulosa fest. I also play JR my attempt at a theme song for the show and he cries... with laughter! We also review the new Wolfgang Voigt and have Gabriel Spitzer from WBEZ news as the voice of Roger Waters.

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May 07, 2010


Someone just brought this to my attention, so I figured I would just make it real clear here, in the public forum I am the boss of, so you know it's "official": I do not post on message boards. I do not post on the Electrical Audio message board, under my own name or any other (that would be truly perverse, no?). I do not troll message boards, or generally respond to people's discussions/threads on things I have written or speculation on just what sort of ignorant cunt I am, save for the Chicago Reader online, where I post under my own name. The only message board I lurk on is this one, which is about heirloom tomatoes. Sorry to disappoint!

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May 06, 2010


Megan Holmes, trusty old pal of the olden times, just turned me on to THE BABIES, who previously, I was resisting because the name made me think they might be pretty terrible garage rock, but that was a mistake. Though they are also really a summer band, and maybe they would not have made such perfect sense if I had listened earlier. It is all about timing.
Summer morning! Remit to The Babies:

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May 05, 2010


I don't know how much all of this will make it on to the edited, public podcast for next week, but, at the end we jokingly did some "punch up" for the news (why?), yet I am still laughing over JR's suggestion for Roger Waters: "best rinse your uterus, son." The spirit (and jibberish) of the Hit it or Quit it reviews section lives! Do not doubt! Our What-The-Fuck Is Mighty!

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As if being slow, tired and needing help getting out of bed didn't hammer the point home well enough, being high and forgetful on Benedryl for three days made the who "being pregnant is like being 90 years old" feeling into fruition. I can tell when the meds wear off because Jr. starts doing his Jazzercise routine again. He also gets the hiccups, cartoon drunk style.

I just want to meet him.

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May 04, 2010


New Hit it or Quit it Podcast #3! it was the toughest one yet, we are trying to upgrade the magic and the upgrade happens! Azita does the weather, we do the music news, JR drops like 4 puns in 12 minutes, we discuss MIA's art of contradiction with Nick Sylvester and Cody from SSION reviews the new Hole record with us and Erik Roldan from Think Pink tells us about the bangin' queer dance parties in Chicago are. Marianna Ritchey did the theme song--we love it, it reminds me of the theme to Pee Wee's playhouse.

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