March 31, 2010


Here is the email I sent to the CEO of Nettwerk, who is spearheading the Lilith Fair Choose Your Charity campaign this morning. Becky Smith has started a Facebook group that has everything from the twitter addys for folks playing Lilith and other email addresses to send your own concerned letters to Lilith Fair and it's organizers.


I'm not writing to you in my capacity as a journalist, but as a woman concerned about the quality of womens lives--

I know that we discussed that you had no particular criteria for selecting the organizations to--and while I am sure you are aware of the mounting comments on message boards and facebook groups-- I hope you understand that the issue at hand is it's not simply that some of the "health centers" that Lilith is offering up are "anti-choice". It's that these five+ Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the running are KNOWN as being places where pregnant women given horrible misinformation--

i.e. if they have an abortion it means if they ever have a child it is more likely to die, or that the morning after pill will make them infertile, or that a during an abortion a doctor can suck you entire uterus out by accident, that condoms cannot prevent STDs.... And it's supporting those places and putting them along side credible and woman-valuing work as rape crisis hotlines and battered womens shelters that is the real issue.

The people working in these communities--the informed people you told me Lilith is banking on to decide which are the "right" places to receive money--have to now rally and make sure that the money goes to the truly "right" place rather than organizations that lie to women about their bodies and options, simply because they arbitrarily came up in your Google search. Yesterday, I spoke to a woman that runs an abuse hotline that made the Lilith ballot and everyone in her office is now more concerned about making sure that the CPC in their city NOT get this money, more so than what they can do to get money for their hotline. Another group in Portland was saddened that CPCs were going to be legitimized and bolstered by their nomination. I don't imagine this was your intention, but it is the outcome you have created, nevertheless.

I hope that is something that legitimately concerns all involved with your charity campaign, Lilith and Nettwerk.


Jessica Hopper

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March 30, 2010

March 29, 2010


NYT article on Femivores, or farming as feminism for the stay at home mom that has a lot of good lines and salient points. The only thing I think she gets wrong is referring to someone who keeps chickens, rabbits and their own beehive as merely "dabbling". Growing 4 tomato plants is dabbling. Raising rabbits you will eat and harvesting your own honey is just shy of being an actual farmer. With a corncob pipe and a tractor. She also highlights the questions we should all be asking ourselves, whether or not we are feminists raising chickens and babies:
"What constitutes “enough”? What is my obligation to others? Is my home the engine of materialism or a refuge from it?"

I am starting my seeds this week, my hope is the new home is "refuge", leafy green and blooming refuge come late spring.

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March 28, 2010


Nathaniel Friedman on Chilton. previously I misattributed it to Chris Ryan.

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March 27, 2010


Oooh! OOh! How I do love you, bookworm. Recent 2 parter interview with Patti Smith about Just Kids and also John McPhee talking about his new one, a Greatest Hits of sort. I finished Just Kids in three ravenous sittings. I liked that it was a tell-somethings, a discreet life told. And her affair with Sam Shepherd and other creeping bad boys might make you feel less bad about the creeping bad boy problem you had at 17-25, because it might mean that you get to turn into Patti Smith later.

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Here's the best of the rest of what I saw: Shabazz Palaces, Olof Arnalds and True Widow.

Totally slept on his LP last June, but he's got a new EP out this week Toki Wright. You can download slowly and freely here.He's rappier than you expect from Rhymesayers, sometimes he sounds a lil bit like Lyrics Born. He's good, you might like him. Mid-verse Minnesota jokes and discernible politics always win with me.

This is the last weekend for the White/Light drone installation at the MCA. Today at three is Felicia Atkinson, a noise-video artist from France that goes by "FiFi" and brought me and Matt some delicious fruit spread from Belgium. Tomorrow is White/Light alone in their room, and POOF IT'S DONE! Miles wrote a nice long thing in the paper this week. Matt looks like a funny lumberjack--that is what our little son will look like in 34 years! I need to start thrifting teeny tiny Pendeltons so I can dress them father-son matchy-matchy. I think our little son is already strong like his pop, because sometimes when he kicks, I can see it on the outside of my body. For only being five and half inches tall he seems really athletic. But what do I know--I have never been someone's house before.

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March 25, 2010


This week's Gossip Wolf is heavy on Smell scene news--DSS, No Age, Vice Coolers leg gets humped on stage... the usj.

And here is my round up on what I saw at SXSW (link fixed), and there are some other sundry blogs up and forthcoming later today for the Reader covering things I couldn't include. With few short exceptions, I saw nothing but good to great bands--Thee Satisfaction, Explode into Colors, Olof Arnaulds from Iceland, Dam-Funk, Shabazz Castles, Prince Rama... I will put a link up. Low points: Salem, accidentally seeing Uffie, walking past a Warpaint set 3 times. I realized today, Salem are the dull version of A.R.E. Weapons later career--the seedy Max Fish agrro-glamour replaced with poke n' stick methtoos and a very midwestern sense of what is transgressive.

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March 23, 2010


My essay/riff on Tune-Yards and girl genius in this week's Portland Mercury is out.

Tonight is Lucky Dragons in the White/Light drone room at the MCA in downtown Chicago for free at 7 pm. It would be nice to see you all there, this one is especially special.

I have so much more to catch you up on but I just threw up an entire bahn mi and bubble tea in front of our house and that is tiring. Sometimes the little son kicks the food right out of me. Maybe sri rachna doesn't agree with him. Some people walked by with their cats in a mesh-cage stroller while I was barfing so I stopped feeling embarrassed for myself and just felt embarrassed for them, trying to make their cats be a baby and a dog at the same time.

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March 18, 2010


Last night was epic! I was alone, in the residential area wilderness. I went to see someone play on the wrong night and wound up in a parking lot watching an 19 minute set amazing band behind an art space that was half way out to the airport. The way back was something I neglected to figure out. It was kind of Natty Gann (sans wolf companion) meets The Warriors. I walked a long way and caught a bus that would take me nearish to my temporary home (11th floor of the Sheraton, wassup!). I got off two blocks before my stop because I saw a bunch of cool kids hanging out and thought I might like to know whats poppin' in this parking lot and BEHOLD it was the HoZac showcase I meant to go to. A fortuitous turn. Maje adventure at every turn of the turn!

Then this morning, I woke up before the sun was up, spackled my face and walked to the Fox 7 studios for "Good Day, Austin" and I was on after the call in segment with a vet who answered a question about whether a dog eating too much grass is whats causing it's bout of BLOODY DIARRHEA. If my dog was shitting blood, I would take it to a doctor, not call the TV vet at 7:15 am. The weather man co-anchored that segment with a pug dog sitting on his lap. I tried to talk them into letting me hold the pug for the next segment but they said no.

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March 16, 2010


Matt says he is jealous because now that I am a preggo, I get to pre-board the plane.

I bought a natural pregnancy guide book a friend suggested and it has a quote from Dune in it and said "Now, in your fifth month you will start to finally look pregnant" which is a real boggler of my mind. I no longer believe anything in the book as I have looked pregnant for the last 4 months and have been exclusively in "soft pants" for 3. I look like a cartoon, waddling with my hand on my back hip, though that's really just to try and press a bone back into place. I swear the sweet nameless dude in me kicked it out of place. I made Matt check to see it was not jutting from my hip like some heinous injury in a skate video. Like baby Ricky in Ricky right before his chickeny wing comes from his back. That would be kind of amazing, if I was knocked up and growing a wing out of the top of my butt, too.

Everyone says boys are supposed to invigorate you and clear up your skin with all their testosterone, but there is a boob-sized zit on my face and I am devigorated and I want to sleep like the bears in the "Bears of the Artic" episode of Nature (narrated by F. Murray Abraham). Polar bears just lay down in the snow and wait for it to cover them and then they sleep til they give birth around Christmas time and their baby bears only come out ONE POUND BIG. And they wrap around the little bear and nurse til it's springtime and then they dig out. Maybe I will just lay down and pile some laundry atop me, with a little space round the head so I am audible when I beg for snacks. I will rest and contemplate that there is someone with a penis who lives in me who is a stranger now but will be the center of my life from here on out.

Tomorrow I get to go to Austin and see almost everyone I know. That will be nice. I am lonely from being home puking all winter. And I will see them and we will be wearing t shirts and no coats at all. I am doing live TV at dawn--Good Morning Austin at 7:30 am on Thursday--in case you are awake with an infant or unable to sleep because the amount of cocaine you've done.

The man that cuts my hair told me a story about his sister going to SXSW last year and a drunk older man grabbed her ass and wouldn't let ago and she jerked around and started yelling at him and he wouldn't let go, and she turned back around and only then did she notice that he was totally naked and somehow had a stick coming out of his ass. Like an un-small branch. I hope that doesn't happen to me. Or anyone. Unless they want it to.

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Dominique Young Unique single "SHOW MY ASS" is killing. BUMP BUMP BUMP.

and in/of the Pacific Northwest--THEE Satisfaction, for the Badu fans in the at home audience. Black intergalactic feminist (queer?) rapz, just the way you dreamed.
download their mixtape here.

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March 14, 2010


The Netflix recommendation algorithm is getting super meta connecting the pathos of Herzog's most depressing film with Trapped in the Closet.


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One of the hard parts of being pregnant is convincing your man to go buy you a Chicago Style hot dog with everything on it when you have not eaten a hot dog of meat in like, a decade.

You have to wait until he is at the very tail end of doing his homework and is fatigued and also hungry himself. It also involves convincing him that it's ok for a fetus to secondarily ingest a hot dog.

I hear him dailing his phone in the other room to see where is open. I think I just made it happen.


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March 11, 2010


This weeks Gossip Wolf: Lots of old bands that will not die, and "more"!


Yesterday, walking down the street, JR was looking at where all the snow had melted and revealed the turds that had been preserved like artifacts underneath.He did not take notice of all the toddler and little kids coming past us with their parents and loudly proclaimed "JEEZUS! WHOSE BEEN LETTING THEIR PONY OUT TO SHIT HERE?!" and I laughed so hard and the little kiddos just stared. THIS MEANS IT'S SPRING.

We did our first radio show together yesterday. I will post it here once it's podcastibly listenable or downloadable. We really wanted to just do some renegade pledge drive pitching, offering rewards only we could bestow--perhaps some erotic fiction about Linda Worthheimer that JR could pen?--but the Vocalo people said that WBEZ just gives them their money, the do not have to shill. We also tried to do the weather a couple times but they kept surprising us and asking for the weather when we weren't expecting, so the reports were casual and unscientific. I think going forward, we will go in prepared. We will know dewpoints.

Next week is SXSW. I am doing book events. Do you know cool 11 yr old chix in Austin who are burgeoning rockers? WILL YOU TELL THEM TO COME? Please?
3/20 at Domy's Books at 3 pm!
all ages and free.

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March 10, 2010

March 09, 2010


Photo 250.jpg
Look everyone--it's my son.
Here he is, in repose.
It took them a long time to get the shot, he was wiggling like a fish and twisting his head. I told the lady I had recently drank a root beer and she said that would explain it. After seeing him flop around in his sac like that I thought I am never drinking a whole root beer at once ever again until he is out, because it makes him freak out and ram his one-inch soft skull in to the walls of his house and throw punches above his head, like a tormented suburban punker in some bad 1983 film where Lee Ving has a cameo as a sadistic gang leader.

When we went in, on the forms to fill out for the ultrasound, it said "Are you here because of a non-work related accident?" And I told the nurse, well, in a matter of speaking, yes--but she didn't get it.

My favorite thing about the picture he looks just like his dad. Matt doesn't believe me, but also he doesn't get to see himself asleep so how would he know. Our son will be a Leo--just like his dad, too. But, mostly I just think how much I will love to look at our baby and see in his face the face of his father.

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March 08, 2010

March 05, 2010


Next Weds, JR and I are on Vocalo radio promoting Gossipwolf, and we will be dialing for music news/info/gossip/scene reports. If you have some news about your band, label, scene, whats going on where you are and will be near a phone at 3 CST Weds, we'd like to talk to you for a minute or two. It'll be super fun. To volunteer:

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March 04, 2010


Here's this week's Gossipwolf. JR and I are doing a radio version on vocalo ( next weds, as a one off thing, which I think is going to be heavily strange. We are going to be dialing for gossip reports--perhaps we will call you?!

I woke up in at four am last night and my brain was on fire with writing. It is hard to know if it was salient at all. I kept thinking, as I always do, if I get up and write this all out, then tomorrow I will automatically wake up at this same time and perhaps there will be nothing to write down. And then I lay there for a while debating "what if this is the best idea I have ever had and I lose it to the annals of slumber?" And then I had a nightmare about Lucky Dragons coming with me to Old Navy to buy maternity pants and Sara peeing on the floor of the childrens section. I yelled at her that the whole world isn't just some big art installation of her design. I assumed it was a statement of her feelings about Old Navy, but then Luke told me she really just had some weird medical problem, and I felt horrible. Whatever genius book I had floating in my middle of the night mind was lost to Lucky Dragons public pee terror.

I am unpacking very slowly here at the homestead, listening to Nina and Willie and the news. We have moved from a house where every room is sunny to a dark house with 2 sunny rooms. All the plants are crowded together now, duking it out.

I want it to be summer and I want to be canning the already producing garden, making some onion jam. I want it be summer so I can meet this baby that is living in my body, who is 5 inches tall says the book. When I drink root beer, she kicks like crazy--strong for someone who is the size of my hand. I think it is a she. We will know on Monday, though sometimes the womb-pix are wrong. I am also excited to go to SXSW in Austin week after next because I think it will be warm enough for short sleeves outside. Doesn't that sound nice? I will look like a toddler/farmer in my overalls and short sleeves, but I do not care. I just want to see Juliana Barwick play, do my book events and see all my friends who moved away from Chicago so long ago!

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March 01, 2010


In 1980, sometimes punk was also disco and also disco and also very very light pop.

Alaska y Los Pegamoides

and their Hit "Bailando" ft a horn section in mime fashion and masks

(via Chicago's great new 100 days of disco blog)

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