June 30, 2009

June 29, 2009


Maybe you have already been facebook-vited for this, or got the tweet, but this is two weeks from now and I WANNA MAKE SURE. Do you know teenager girls? Can you bring them? Can you get custody of a Girl Scout troop for the night? TRY. If not, bring a date or your band or book club. Please. Thanks.

All events are free except where otherwise noted. All events are all-ages, except 8/22 is 16+ (sorry!).


7/13 Portland, OR @ Powells on Hawthorne 7:30 pm
7/14 Seattle, WA @ Vera Project 7:30
7/15 Santa Monica, CA @ Public Library 2 pm (w/Mika Miko)--outdoor show!
7/15 Los Angeles, CA @ Skylight Books 7:30 pm
7/16 Minneapolis, MN @ Magers & Quinn 7:30 (w/ Laurie Lindeen)
7/19 Exton, PA @ Barnes & Noble 2 pm
7/19 Philly PA @ T and P Gallery 7 pm
7/21 New York City @ Barnes & Noble ( 396 Ave of the Americas at 8th St.)
7/22 NY TBA
7/23 Providence RI @ AS220 7 pm
7/30 Chicago, IL @ YouMedia Center @ Harold Washington Library book talk and interactive session 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m

8/19 Oak Park, IL @ Oak Park Public Library 7 p.m., reading & concert w/ Katie Stelmanis
8/20 Cleveland OH @ Visible Voice (early bookstore event)
8/20 Cleveland, OH @ Happy Dog Bar (5801 Detroit Ave) Katie Stelmanis & Ghost Bees & me DJ-ing (9 p.m., $4, all-ages)
8/21 Pittsburgh @ Garfield Art Works w/ Katie Stelmanis & Ghost Bees (6:30 doors, reading, bands & dance party! all ages, $TBA)
8/22 Brooklyn, NY @ Littlefield w/ These Are Powers & Katie Stelmanis & Dynasty Handbag & me & DJ's MNDR & L-Train & feminist art blow out all-nite. 7pm. $16+/$8
8/23 Baltimore TBA w/ Katie Stelmanis
8/24 Washington DC @ Comet Pizza w/ Katie Stelmanis & more
8/25 Chapel Hill, NC @ Nightlight w/ Katie Stelmanis & Ghost Bees & more & more
8/26 Nashville, TN TBA w/ Katie Stelmanis
8/27 Champaign-Urbana, IL TBA w/ Katie Stelmanis
8/28 Bloomington, IN @ Boxcar Books & Community Center w/ Katie Stelmanis & Ghost Bees
8/29 Chicago @ Hideout w/ Katie Stelmanis & Ghost Bees 1-4 pm ($4 kids, $7 adults) + Girls Rock Chicago camper bands & more more

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June 27, 2009


Looking at shrine on doorstep in Gary.
Take the Pelo and Run.
Kanye red carpet pap crush.
Curbing the drop out rate with rap show incentive, plus kid q&a:
"Whats your main message for us today, Kanye?"
"Don't drop out."
"Kanye, how would you describe yourself in 3 words?"
"I. Go. Hard."
(wild cheering)

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June 26, 2009


Still enjoying the Pitchfork reviewed in the style of Pitchfork bit from Popsense:

"The review is framed by two other lol-worthy paradoxes: First, the opening paragraph overstates how influential the band has been (if they actually "garnered a level of influence in indie music that almost rivals that of Animal Collective today," it would go without explaining). Secondly, Howe closes the review by saying, "You want to see them at least risk fucking up, and acknowledging that music is played by humans. Now that Tortoise have inarguably mastered the consideration of their namesake, it might not hurt them to tap into a little of the impulsiveness of the hare." Let's try to make sense of this: Brian Howe is implying two things in the first sentence: 1) The album is perfect in every way, there are no fuck ups, and 2) as a result of (1), the members of Tortoise are not human. In the proceeding sentence we have an analogy that seems like it could make sense, until we remember that Tortoises go slowly not as a result of carefully calculating all of their choices and making safe decisions, but rather simply because they are just slow fucking animals. This pun is not effective.

Finally, here is a sentence from the review:
"Now that smuggling non-guitar genres into indie rock is commonplace, the record could feel like a postmortem of Tortoise's own influence, and the air of self-consciousness that often attends their music thickens"

"Now that smuggling [words that make no sense in context into music reviews] is commonplace, the [review] could feel like a postmortem of [Brian Howe's] own influence, and the air of self-consciousness that often attends [his reviews thickens]."

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Spent the entire day in the car first accidentally driving 223 miles towards Cornerstone A WEEK EARLY, realizing my mistake only a mere 11 miles from the farm field for which I was intended. On my on-purpose return, I managed to pick up NPR and subsequent MJ news for the rest of the afternoon. About an hour after I got home, Matt Kessler and Miles and I roadtripped to Gary, IN for the vigil at MJ childhood home, c. 10 pm. I wrote a little thing on the book blog about the importance of Thriller as generational pop music divide between my parents and I, learning to be a fan, etc. Thing about Gary running elsewhere v. soonish. hit this link to download The Rub's 2008 MJ mix.

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June 24, 2009

June 23, 2009


Polvo's comeback single: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT THE HUH? When was the last time a band broke up for 10 years and then put out the best record of their career? And don't say Steely Dan, unless you are a retired jazzbo. Beggars Bowl MP3 here. My dream of Battles + Billy Squier's "The Big Beat" combined into one hook is now come true.


Tanlines remix of Glasser downloadable here. The horns are real squinchy. Also, when the steel drums get happy, I love that part, it's like the song is blooming.

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There is nothing quite like a humbling little walk through the hood in your jammy outfit in the blazing hotness of 8:47 a.m. on a workday. Good morning people with your dogs and fitness routine and your commuter bikes. Good morning, neighbors. Good morning I have not brushed my teeth and only have been awake maybe 15 minutes. Good morning I am wearing indoor clothes outdoors and the too big pony hair sandals Heather Kenny brought to the last clothing swap two Junes ago that were still in a bag on the back porch which was fortunate because all the way to JR's house is kind of far to go sans shoes entirely. Hello elderly couple that looks scared for me, I am only locked out, not cracked out. Hello denizens of Ukraninan Village, I am on my way to the spare keys of my best friend.

After Chicago avenue, I realized the too big pony hair sandals were an impedement and if I was looking like such crunkled shit already, what difference do shoes make. I took them off and picked them up in front of the golden Orthodox church while a pacing teenage boy watched. I put the shoes back on to cross Augusta, and then again when I reached the side of the Empty Bottle as there were so many lipstick slicked filters on the ground and the sidewalk is much darker; no one should go bare foot on Western.

I removed the right one and pounded on the door of JRs house four times. I yelled his name three times. I waited for the street sweeper and the traffic to calm a bit. I noticed his air conditioner was dripping. Surely he would not hear me. More yelling his name, this time higher, shriekier, to cut through the lulling white noise and cool air of his room, where he was probably only 4 hours into slumber. His head popped out from around a fan in the living room window. "Hi Buddy!" It is good he was home, as my other option was Matt, at his new job down at City Hall.

JR came outside with my keys and told me the dream he'd just had, about how human flight had been made possibly due to air current science and we were jumping from planes and landing safely on the ground, then partying at an abandoned hospital. I tucked my keys into my pocket, and headed home. I went shoeless most of the way. I wondered if the old people on their porches in my old neighborhood recognized me and wondered what sort of terrible fate had befowled me that was causing me to pace Oakley Avenue shoeless, with my bedhead cowlick pointing towards the sky. I wondered if people thought I was just a sloppy person, or if I was on a particularly shameful walk-of-shame.

When I passed the church a second time, the boy was still there. We made eye contact as I was putting the shoes back on to cross the street.

I kept checking for the keys in my pocket. As a kid I lost my house keys all the time, I spent most of 6th grade afterschool waiting on the porch of my parents home. I lost my keys so often that I had to go to a therapist because it was believed perhaps I was doing it on purpose. I told the therapist the only truth: This has nothing to do with my parents divorce. I was disorganized and forgetful, my school bag was a mess of undone homework and half eaten lunches and tapes, plus why would I want to be locked out of my own house? My explanation apparently sufficed and I was not made to return to further investigate the issue of chronic key loss.

Alas! I returned home, keyed and bedraggled, and realized, could have ridden my bike, and I needn't have gone into the hall looking for Wyatt, as he was trapped in the closet. Not R. Kelly style though--he was just trying to get to the cat food.

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June 22, 2009


Via Ladyfest Bellingham (6/25-29): Her Jazz Noise Collective--Canadian feminist trans-inclusive noise community, setting the example:

This is an experimental music network for women in Vancouver. We are determined to help create an inclusive noise community and supportive space for women to meet and experiment musically. We hope this project will be a catalyst for the formation of more female-based groups in this genre. We are trans-inclusive, please and thank you! No experience or commitment it required - just the desire to try... This is not a band, its the beginning of a more radical, open, posi-core community invested in dialogue about gender, power and personal experience.

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I know, everyone is going to Dirty Projectors and Sea n' Cake for free in the park tonight, but just a heads-up, as I am concerned about your welfare and all. You can go an still make Mika Miko headlining at Beat Kitchen. Jenna with her golden mic and and Jennifer with the telephone! It will be punkspiration to last you through the summer. Come after yr done listening to S&C's buttery sambas and DP's--what is what they are doing? Sufjan gone vulnerable? I'm not hating on Bitte Orca or anything, but you know Dirty Proj's are going to be coming back round like 4 more times this yr due to their eminent indie success story (my we all be the Grizzly Bear of tomorrow!) and that Sea n' Cake will never really break up (again). When yr done laying on the grass at that show, come for the restive at Beat Kitchen after.

Mika Miko came all the way from LA. They tour like 1.5 tours per record, and not to scare you, but, who knows if there will be more on this record. They haven't played here since 2 springs ago. Look at how much fun it's going to be:

Also, Jenna & Cali's dog,LA's art blog star poodle Caramel Bobby, is now followable on Twitter. Also, if you live in LA, I am doing a show with them 7/15 at the library on my book tour , which is now 23 dates long; Pittsburgh, Bloomington, Chapel Hill, two Chicago dates and Oak Park Public Library shows have just been added.

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June 21, 2009


In honor of Logan Dick of Tucson, AZ, who reported back to me about rescuing my book from it's music section purgatory--shelved between a book about Guns N' Roses and one about Elvis--and relocating it to the Young Adult/Vampire heartthrobs section (a choice spot)--anyone who undertakes such a mission gets a special mixtape from me. If you find yourself in a Borders or walking past one, please take this mission upon yourself, let me know you've done it & where, and you will get a mix that will haunt you for the summer. PROMISE.

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I stand all the way corrected and I am glad she cleared this up. Glasser, who I wrote about yesterday sounding like a duo or a trio is actually just the beautiful handiwork of one woman, Cameron Mesirow. Blog here and music here and video for "Apply" here, which cribs a bit of Joni's "Jungle Line", but is a twinkling slinky samba.

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June 20, 2009


We have officially entered the "Is It Gunshots or Fireworks" part of the summer.

I saw X last night. I believe most reunions to be an act of aggression towards one's fanbase, though I have made special exceptions, notably for X and Steely Dan. I begrudge them nothing. (In the Dan's case, it's more like almost nothing--their reunion albums are lite jazz twaddle so effete it make's Fagen's Nightfly sound like Houses of The Holy, but I am not missing the replaying AJA show this fall and I just pray they rope in Michael McDonald to come out and yamobethere out his beard. I know loving AJA obliterates all my cred, but I am not about to apologize.) Nevertheless, X have a handful more dates on their all-request set tour and it was just... a real band. There was no room for snarky, derisive sidewhispers to friends, there was no precious preening, there was John Doe whipping sweat out of his hair on "Los Angeles" and "Johnny Hit and Run Pauline" so merciless and Billy Zoom's pearly whites smile perm. affixed to his pink face. GO. SEE. THEM. Tickets are like $20-25 methinks, but it's a benefit for Sweet Relief. You could pay a straight $50 and feel like it was a bargain at that price. I promise.

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$100 artist houses and the city of Detroit paying people to move in to them. (via Jeff Johnson)

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June 19, 2009


Liking these Glasser songs--sounds a little like west coast spooky emancipated wood vixen (Nite Jewel, Pocahaunted), but with a darkness I can get behind (Fever Ray, the bad-drugs year of yr art school tenure). I think it's three people, but it sounz like it could also be two people, but defs not just one.

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Pauline Kael's birthday today, she would have been 90. Great interview from 1982:

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June 18, 2009


Amidst a story of a queer boy winning being voted prom queen: "His speech was great," recalled Unique Payne, 17, a senior who said she voted for Garcia. "I did it because I support the gay community," she said.

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June 17, 2009


Daniel Kraus, now author and filmmaker (he did the Vandermark doc.) was once a long limbed Iowa teen with a dream, and a video camera. He spent a lot of time remaking Hollywood films (Godfather trilogy, Misery etc) with his friends... and now he's blogging them for the world to see. The trailer is killing me. This is going to be good.

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1. The "best Cex record ever made" is also the latest--Bataille Royale is now available direct from Rjyan.

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June 16, 2009


"Be My Girl" by The Smith Westerns, Chicago's hot teen garage pop burn up/future of the 60647 postal code scene. No fidelity, direct from heaven, someone in this band might have braces still I think, I want this on cassette, unmitigated summertime genius.

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June 15, 2009


Artist statement from Steven Cochrane.

Also, I am saving my bucks starting today to go see the Elles@CentrePompidou in Paris before it closes next May 24. Matt was there last week playing a show and saw it and brought me back the book/catalog and I am about to go check out improve-yr-franch tapes from the library so I can read it, though sentences like: "1980 was the year women interceded on the boy's world of conceptual art" is almost the same in French. Given that all I remember how to say in French is "how old are you" and "my name is" and names of fruits and animals, the book is a real motivator to dive back in. Here's some info:

"For the first time in the world, a museum will be displaying the feminine side of its own collections. This new presentation of the Centre Pompidou's collections will be entirely given over to the women artists from the 20th century to the present day.

This will be the occasion for the institution, which has built up the very first collection of modern and contemporary art, to show its commitment to women artists, nationality and discipline taken together, and place them at the core of modern and contemporary art of the 20th and 21st centuries."
(Elles@ site, with videos & images from the exhibition.)

As someone who was mostly disappointed by the trad WACK! exhibit (which seemed to limit it's curation to art that tackled porn/vaginas/motherhood/70's lesbian identity, do so in exactly the way you would expect it to and end the time line of feminist art somewhere in Brooklyn c. 1986)--this Elles@ is the big dream come true; international, modern, includes furniture, design, architecture, recent gender-fuck radicalism, Niki de Saint Phalle from shotgun-era to enter-the-rainbow-vagina era, and what appears to be a surplus of early Marina Abramovic & Ghada Amer whose porn-embroidery/paintings I have never actually seen in person, yet. Yet.

(Site for the Elles@ show, with videos & images from the show)

& some more lively bits of interest here in a review of the show, which makes the MOMA look like the knuckle draggers they are.

"“The Museum of Modern Art practices a form of gender-based apartheid,” wrote Jerry Saltz, art critic for New York Magazine, on his Facebook page a couple of weeks ago, engendering a lively debate. He noted that only 4 percent of the works currently on show in MoMA’s permanent collection are by women and that only nine of the 135 different artists represented are women. “MoMA is telling a story of modernism that only it believes,” he said. “MoMA has declared itself a hostile witness.”

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June 14, 2009


IF YOU KNOW OF A BETTER SONG THAN "MUSIC TIME" BY DOMINIQUE YOUNG UNIQUE YOU ARE PROBABLY LYING. For the sake of summer, Dominique, please drop an album. She makes Santigold sound like the teacher from Peanuts. BEST THING OF MUSIC EVER. At least since the Gay Beast show last night. Respect is due that whole band, putting Minneapolis back on the map para rock, but honest to Gaga, when you are watching that band, you are watching Angela. You are transfixed upon her. I kept thinking, "once the right person knows about her, she is going to end up playing on Mike Patton records." Or replacing John Stanier in Battles. She's got this really bizerk Sunny Murray textural glory going, but with this mechanical stop startness--long fest tom rolls with these micro breaks to play disconnected fits of hardcore. One song, she just played this same beat that got incrementally faster and tighter and smaller and faster until it was micro; it was the Russian dolls of beats. At first you think she's just all over the place, but then you realize she is a total machine. I like their records but I had no idea that they'd be so sublime and powerful.

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My review of Bat For Lashes in the LA Weekly covers the usual topics: bedwarming for power, leotards, subjugation, who's zooming who, animal companions. The words next gen got inexplicably capitalized in editing, which I think make it read like it's a unexplained Star Trek reference in the middle of a Billy Joel reference, which is fine. I prefer when things are a little WTF.

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June 13, 2009


Going on tour with Katie Stelmanis and her all lady quintet and certain dates, the twins in her band, Ghost Bees will open. They will rock, I will read. I am looking for suggestions for DC, as well as 8/26-29, if anyone has ideas on Asheville, Bloomington Ind./Champaign? LOOK AT THIS MAP OF FUN. Katie & her band are from Toronto, you may know her from her split/collabo with Fucked Up. Ghost Bees are from Nova Scotia! LETS PARTY WITH OUR NEIGHBORS TO THE NORTH. Holler if you have an idea or wanna help hook something up between NC and Nashville.

8/20 Cleveland w/ Katie Stelmanis & Ghost Bees
8/21 Pittsburgh w/ Katie Stelmanis
8/22 Brooklyn, NY w/ These Are Powers & Katie Stelmanis
8/23 Baltimore w/ Katie Stelmanis
8/24 Washington DC TBA w/ Katie Stelmanis
8/25 Chapel Hill, NC w/ Katie Stelmanis & Ghost Bees
8/26 TBA w/ Katie Stelmanis (Asheville? Nashville?
8/27 TBA w/ Katie Stelmanis (Nashville? St. Louis?)
8/28 TBA w/ Katie Stelmanis (Bllomington IN? Champaign?)
8/29 Chicago @ Hideout w/ Katie Stelmanis & Ghost bees & MORE 1 p.m. show
8/30 ++ (Iowa, Omaha KCMo? maybe?)

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June 12, 2009


Awesome Providence benefit show for the launch of Girls Rock Rhode Island and their inaugural Girls Rock Camp.

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I just wiki'd THE EX for name-spelling and found this totally unreported shocker:

"In 2009, after 30 years with the group, singer and co-founder G.W. Sok announced his departure from the band. Sok did so believing he lacked sufficient enthusiasm to continue with the group, having decided to focus on writing and graphic design. He plans on continuing to "participate in Ex activities, one way or another" [5]. His replacement is Arnold de Boer from the Dutch group Zea, with whom The Ex have toured and collaborated."

HOW CAN YOU HAVE THE EX W/O HIM?! I mean, naturally, no offense to the rest of the bands interest in continuing a 30 year investment BUT HOW DO YOU HAVE THE EX WITH NO G.W.? HE IS THE SINGER! THIS MAKES ARNOLD DE BOER IS THE SAMMY HAGAR OF ANARCHIST PUNK! I remember where I was the first time I heard "Frenzy" off Starters & Alternators--it was everything I ever wanted from music in one song, full on revelation. This is upsetting! The Dead Fish 10" is the only 10" I own because every other 10" ever made is inferior. I AM UPSET! Why does one of the best lyricists ever--in or outside of punkdom!--need to FOCUS ON GRAPHIC DESIGN?! UGH! I hate it when my favorite bands stop meeting my needs.

Here's the Ex at WFMU:

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June 11, 2009


Just returned from The Hangover which seemed to last three hours, but that may also have been due to the fact that we were forced into the third row. Zack Galfanakis steals the entire thing, but this was overshadowed by the fact that every time someone that wasn't the wacky white dude leads appears on screen (i.e. a black woman, an asian man, a black man, an "ugly" woman, a married woman, an ambigously middle-eastern dude, the elderly--all in glaring stereotype) their very-other presence is presented as a gag. No thanks on the buffet of racism giggles. I'm not the only one who picked up on this.

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June 10, 2009


Excerpt from the book up today & Flosstradamus infomercial at Daily Swarm. WHOO-HOO!

Stayed up til 3 finishing an essay about Led Zeppelin, mean Jim Morrison-worshipping 11th grade acid dealers and what made want to write the book, and then was woke too early (it's always too early) by my alarm clock with a tail, Wyatt. My brain is a leaden hash of Minneapolis teen memories and today's deadlines. Fugggk.

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June 09, 2009


This falls into the "perfect best gift for anyone" slot; you could put yr summer vacation pics, or yr cat pics, all yr favorite pictures of Rahm Emanuel, those pics you took in the pit of the Integrity show...? You could stop having a portfolio of your art and just have shower curtains. (via Frankie Magazine, which I think is like a mainstream Australian version of Venus

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June 08, 2009


Hey. A little request--consider it a favor. If you are in a Borders, perhaps work next to one, or are in there picking up a little fathers day gift this week, will you toddle over to the MUSIC section, grab the copies of my book out from next to Nikki Sixx's Heroin Diaries or w/e, and move them to the table/area where all the pink YA girl books are. Borders reclassified the Girls Guide to Rocking as general interest music, instead of juvenille non-fiction, WHICH TAKES IT OUT OF THE GIRL ZONE AND INTO THE CLAPTON UNAUTHORIZEDS SECTION. I know this is really a high class problem to be concerned with, but all I really give a shit about is the book getting into the right hands. If you can help, I appreciate it.

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What we had going for us, if I do say so myself, is that we looked nice. I mean to say that out outfits were good outfits for going anywhere. But, in my home, there is pet hair and not much matching anything, not much new. And then you are in a home with multiple decks and looking around the living room at the nice trim and a wall mounted TV with the game on mute, and people are getting a tour of the upstairs while you are on a leather couch with a baby that you didn't make, a very nice baby that is nice to hold while you chat, and everyone around you is your same same same age and you know-you know-- they have health insurance. Probably even dental. A strong possibility of a den with a muted TV and decorative trim.

If that is adult life, does it just happen, like puberty? Or is it about money? Like, just about money. I am almost 33, unmarried, no children, it is 11 a.m. and I am freelancing from bed, I pay my dentist in cash and I do not wear shoes when I work, and I am wondering, will all of that just get transformed and suddenly I will be a lady with a flat screen TV and kids and a deck? Will I? Or is it that I missed that exit ramp and so I have no choice but to be a 50 yr old catlady in overalls? I wonder about this.

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June 05, 2009


Tomorrow, I am judging a Battle of the Teenage Bands at the Oak Park Public Library. I blv the entire judging panel is myself, the lovely Nora Brank and Heather from Girls Rock Chicago. I wonder if this will change the course of some personal teenage boy band history, as even though we will be given very specific criteria (I'm hoping numbered signs, Olympics-style, too) by which to judge them and their mandatory 45-minute set, I mean, when you are maybe just some 11th grade choogler trying to make it, you probably do not imagine your blues in the key of John Mayer to be juried by three pint size radical feminists whose idea of a great band is CRASS.

The man I share my bed with is a storied veteran of many high school talent shows and Battles-of-Bands; he was even recruited to play in the teacher's band Bored of Education and he played in the punk covers band and they did Bad Brains and Janes Addiction and Mudhoney songs. Based on that, I am confident I also would have been in love with him in high school too. It gives me comfort when things feel fated.

I am reading Bill Wasik's book And Then There's This, which confirms all hunches and fears about blogs, music blogs, Pitchfork-effect, trending, long term prognosis for your Tweeting problem, etc. which all feel's a especially prophetic after this week's shake down of the dude from Wavves. Normally, when people come out in mainstream media about their addiction issue, or that they are confronting their drinking problem, people lay down the flogging stick. But in this indie-blog fiefdom, no one dares miss out on weighing in. Maybe he's gonna be Pitchfork gen's Courtney Love and we might get another few years of news items reported in a tone of scandalized mocking disgust. The one interview I read with the dude, he talked about how his day consisted of waking up at noon, getting stoned, doing interviews with blogs and then playing xbox; not sure why anyone would have professional-level expectations for the little bro. He's 22. He's not even as old as an Olsen twin.

Meanwhile, and otherwise, Gordon Lish's Zim Zum (excerpt) was snagged for a buck from the thrift. I think I only knew of him as Raymond Carver's editor; it's macho and swift, worth a visit to the library if they have it.

I do not have any songs to tell you about, but all the little movies and commercials we made for the book are viewable and the "adventure" movie is up on Chicagoist, but I think this one is my favorite. Kate pointed out this is the second time I've invited her over to the house and failed to inform her she'd be be disrobing to participate in a shoot of some sort.

The Girls' Guide to Rocking ft. Kate Rose from Alan Del Rio Ortiz on Vimeo.

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June 04, 2009


Even though my book isn't out, officially, 'til today, some people started celebrating a little early.

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June 02, 2009


Matt said "This is totally going to wind up on some message board" and I said "No, no, it won't I think we came to some understanding"--but apparently someone else in the room overheard, or other people who were also attending the puppet show misunderstood a few things. Last night, a friend of the promoters for the upcoming black metal fest at Co-Prosperity sphere, heard from Edmar that I wasn't previewing the fest because I had changed my mind about covering Bone Awl because of the swastika art on the cover of Eclipse. Which made this friend of the promoter fly into, well, it was shy of rage, but he was yelling and then I was probably almost yelling, and then it was just raised voices about Burzum/Nachtmystium/Marduk/swastikas/NSBM, and then by the end it was handshakes, and I felt like we had understanding that we were just on different sides of the black metal divide, and that I just don't agree that a swastika can be aesthetically re-purposed as a decoration-with-no-meaning. I offered that the 10 year age gap might also explain our different ideas, as coming up in PC punk/hardcore/riotgirl/fugazi-time meant you take things at face value, whereas this young sir of 23 came up in an era of transgressive/anti-meaning/anti-political/nothings-shocking sentiment. And I think all was cool.

I am not writing up the festival in any paper as "a nazi festival". By the time I changed my mind about covering Bone Awl, it was too late to cover a different band instead. Also, I am not an idiot and I do like black metal.

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Montreal Girls Rock camp inaugural year benefit show
w/ Nightwood, Little T and a group described as post-rap Wiccan hip hop--Giselle Number One
Sat June 13th @ Il Motore --179 Jean-Talon Ouest

I requested more info on the camp and also a pay pal if they have one, more TK. Please pass the word to yr Montreal friends, or the cool 10-17 yr old chicks you know 'round there.

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June 01, 2009


Minneapolis readership! ALERT:
Benefit for Jill from Wahini's June 6th:
The Wahini's 7"--the one with Jim DeRogatis playing drums on it--was the third 7" I ever owned. The benefit is to help Jill, who is still recovering from a stroke she suffered four years ago.

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New Tracey Emin exhibit up "Criticise my work, but don't criticise the way I speak, don't criticise my teeth, don't criticise the way that I dress - it doesn't relate to my work," she says.
I love her.

I think it's summer now. I know because all I want to do is ride my bike, play hookey from my already hookey-esque life. I bought Matt a powerful looking tie for his new lawyering job at the thrift. I made him try it on with a suit last night--turns out it's a kids tie. It was little. Shows what I know. I cannot think very much, or deeply, about much of anything. Strangely paralyzed by the "I made a book, dream came real" and the powerless-angry feeling that Borders is shelving it in the "ROCK" section instead of "Young Adult"--my book should be as far from Riders on the Storm: My Life With Jim Morrison as possible! Also there is the waiting for things to start, for the book tour in July and then the rocking/reading tour in August with Katie Stelmanis and the twins' Bee band which is getting routed this week, taking shape (Middle west, east coast, south east, middle west). I am doing a few interviews for publications aimed at kids and the questions are really great, like "if you could be any color, what would you be and why?"--THATS THE HARDEST QUESTION ANYONE HAS EVER ASKED ME, in particular the "and why?" or if I could teleport to any place or time in history, where? I said I would go back in time to hang out with my grandma when she was my same age I was now. Then, she was a war widow, working at the phone company, and had just saved enough money to buy a new car on her own. I didn't mention she is dead now or that I would settle for just going back in time a little bit so I could show her the book. I am routing the August tour so I can go bury a book where she is buried. If I just leave it, I think it'll get taken, but I think if I bring a trowel, I can make a careful hole for it so it can stay.

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