August 14, 2013


There are things you don't realize must be practiced for pre-school. We have been working on shoes on the right feet, peeing in the right places for a year. But today we began on lunch. As in from the lunchbox, no help. We have two weeks to get the hang of what gets thrown away, what comes home. I put a little tray, like for eating breakfast in bed, out on the porch infront of the stoop, and I packed Wm.'s lunch into the Curious George lunchbox from the Des Moines garage sale, put a muffin I had baked, grapes and a string cheese sprung from it's tuff wrapping into their little zip up baglets. There was a napkin for his lap and a drink he had open with no help. I had leftovers of last nights dinner. We mused about lunch at school would be like. A lady walked her freshly laundered puff of a dog past the porch and we exchange dog-related pleasantries. BYE! yelled Wm. While was deep in his eating, I gingerly pressed his tagaderm bandage back into place on his forehead. His beautiful birthmark is gone. His beauty mark we called it. It had to go, for his future health. I asked him if his head felt ok. "I liked my beauty mark," he replied. "I did too, kiddo." At dinner, he asked if they were going to put it back on one day. I felt like I could have cried. Three is too young for all of this.

Later we laid on the couch and looked at the sky. Today was a take it easy day, post-surgical chilling. He got to watch another movie. An unprecedented event--two movies in two days. Both viewings were the DVD of Airbuddies I picked up amid a trade at Reckless, where the kids DVDs are always like $4 at most. I discovered at the end of todays viewing, a bit of a shock during the final credits, Don Knotts died amid production of AirBuddies, a movie wherein he voiced a Bloodhound dog that is a life companion to the 800 year old Sheriff. Don Knotts is dead. I had no idea and I didn't expect to find out from this talking dog movie sequel.

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