December 20, 2012


"It only has a little caffiene," the lady answered. "It's FREE tea!" said the other. But, really, what is "a little" amount anyhow? I limit myself to approximately three tablespoons of Matt's coffee and to me that is a lot of caffiene. But they didn't know that. And I pretended like they did and now, now look at me. SO AWAKE STILL AND IT IS ONE MILLION O' CLOCK.

So many year ends to keep up with, and all it does is remind me that I have a ton of things to still listen to, pile upon clunky pile of CDs in the mail tub, which the kids pillage and that is how I get around to things I haven't bothered with yet; toddler insistence that we put on "this good CD." Though William is allowed to dominate the playroom CD player with whatever he likes, and it's about 90% Sesame Street albums and then, occasionally, a doo-wop comp, Elizabeth Mitchell albums and the last two installments of the Analog Angola comps. His Grimes phase lasted a week. Now it's just Bert And Ernie's Greatest Hits for unbroken hours. The weird pathos of Big Bird song where he pleads for a friend to come play before it is too late grows deep with each replay.

But still, I have so much of 2012 still waiting. I am tempted to just cut ties with the year, give up, start anew and fresh with 2013. Pretend like I will be valiant. As ever.

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