December 09, 2012


Jimmy Breslin's devastating reporting on John Lennon's death: "And Jim Moran and Tony Palma, older now, cops in a world with no fun, stood in the emergency room as John Lennon, whose music they knew, whose music was known everywhere on earth, became another person who died after being shot with a gun on the streets of New York."

The Tribune tells Cameron Crowe about EIT's collection of almost 5,000 copies of his horrible movie on VHS. I told Crowe they have a theory of why "Jerry Maguire" became the focus of the Jerry Project: "Jerry Maguire" was released on VHS in 1997 just as DVD players were being released, which, until Apple introduced its iProducts, was the fastest-selling consumer technology in history. People wanted to replace their old VHS tapes of "Jerry Maguire" with new DVD copies, and besides, as Simakis said, "'Jerry Maguire' is the one movie every white person in American has owned a copy of at some point.""

Sasha Frere Jones year end list is one of the few I always pay attention to. Props t the google doc format so handy.

Spin asked me to talk to Grimes for the year end issue. I felt like she was misunderstood. Older male critic friends, New York Media professionals all, had come to me and asked "I don't get why her work is feminist? Whats her deal? How is she not just signifiers?" and then all my younger ladies and Rookie girls know her as the girl god they'd most like to build with. She gets them, she is them, she is theirs--ascendant. I wanted to do what I could to help the misunderstanders get Boucher's ambition rather than think it so gauche. I wanted to do nothing less than the definitive Grimes interview, so thats what I aimed for. The original is 4 times as long as what ran, approx. 8,000 words, which was a one hour conversation over Skype (she talks fast, my questions were rambley). I only had two questions going into it, which was "Ask about the Pussy Rings," (per my editor) and the other was ask about what kind of bad kid she was to get sent off to sober camp, which only half made it into the piece. Every interview I read people go in with their notions of what her deal is. I just wanted her to explain. And she does.

My Bikini Kill oral history got picked here as one of the best of the year, BUT BUT thats not the reason to click. Set aside a few hours and go read all of these--the one about Queer Punk for Out , I linked that here a few months ago, but the Gitmo one and others are really essential reading. In good company, proudly.

All my Voice recaps are archived here now. If you want to read my thoughts on the cheapness of Xtina's wig and such.

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