October 28, 2012


What's everyone going as for Halloween? William picked my costume in tandem with the pequeno milkbreath, Jude, we will be "puppies", and the older mens of the household will be "cats" and by request wear socks on their hands as paws, "like cats". I have been busy beyond busy, like only making dinner/making deadline/ changing dipes/putting children to bed style for seemingly ever (though we did see Prince last month, I did leave the house then) and I have not properly fashioned a costume. Here's to hopin' no one beefs with a safetypinned sock-tail.

I have been researching and reading a bunch for two pieces I am writing but they are still top secret until they come out and then, then I will tell you, I will give you the quotes on all I have unearthed, but I can tell you I got to interview Ian MacKaye for like, shit, the 9th time in 19 years and we were talking about old days and nostalgia and I told him about tumblr call-out culture and we laughed because it sounds just like MRR's letter pages of yore. He also said "I remember the first time I met you." I was 16. "I thought, "well, she's fired up!"" That's one way of putting it. I got my band at the time on the Fugazi bill despite that we'd played like 4 shows simply by calling the Dischord house and leaving messages on the answer machine about it, possibly begging, perhaps explaining WHY, I think maybe every day after school for--my conservative recollection, here--probably a week. Fired up, indeed!

Are you guys scared about the election? I am just trying to go for confidence and belief that there is no way Mitt is charming people with his sweaty shenaniganery. He looks like he is really making the most of his unlimited monthly pass at Midnight Sun or Neon Beach or Tan Stop. So richly tan. America cannot be so fucked that he'd get elected, right, we cannot be that self loathing. Maybe the president can have him secretly taken out with a drone and then we get to keep our current POTUS... FINGERS CROXXED!

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