September 07, 2012


I am flirting with ideas of other types of living. Is there a way to live in a city and not feel beaten down by the ferocious wag of capitalisms tail, beating, as it does, against you like that of an over-eager chocolate Labrador? Can you timeshare your life with Peaceful Sanity? And be in Chicago? Is it a matter of being poorer or richer or somehow notching out time, somehow in someway that you have not yet thought about but cannot quite get to because you are busy with just getting by on life band-aids and supplication of the Gods?

In Michigan, I bought records at a garage sale and Matt laughed at me. And I knew why before he said it. William has removed the needle off the turntable with the surgical precision that only a two year old is capable of. The upside is that since it is "broken" he is way less interested in terrorizing our record collection, unsheathing the albums and bringing to them to me "this! this!"--or sometimes just trying to throw it on the player himself. The buying of the records was making a wish for time and circumstance that doesn't presently exist. Anyhow, I got a Black Byrd and a Leo Kottke record, some CSN, a Graham Nash solo album for Jenaine for keeping the cat alive while we were away.

I also got this wonderful and practical yet useless to me, presently, book One Acre and Security: How to Live Off The Earth Without Ruining It from the early-mid seventies. One rather topical chapter is called "Fish, Frogs and Turtles for Profit, Food and Fun". WHICH IS FOR WHICH?

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