June 20, 2012


Interview I did for GQ with Rufus Wainwright and Mark Ronson about being friends. Mark Ronson was totally jetlagged and had recently roused himself from sleep. Wainwright was wide awake and across the globe, and he was witty and rapacious. He is someone who could carry an entire dinner party with his wit.

I was thinking today that I should try and post something aside from a link to other work now and again, but for now, there is really just work and folding baby laundry, going to the grocery store and potty training. Just another SAHM on the grind. Just puttin' food on the table and shoes on their feet with R. Kelly charticles. Last night I multi-tasked, wiping down all the toys in the playroom with disinfectant wipes while listened to the new Cat Power (yr gonna die, shit is perfect, "Manhattan" is my favorite thing since Moon Pix). I interviewed Chan for an hour on Father's Day and she was a little drunk and hanging out in Hamburg and didn't want to get off the phone so she started asking me about my kids, which is a total trick that will keep any parent talking. "What are their names?" "William is two and Jude is four months." "But what do you call them?" "William and Jude, no nicknames, really." "Awww, Willy and Judey!". She was sweet.

I was thinking about the Kanye West show that I covered that was just for honor roll students, maybe 3 years ago and how when he took questions someone asked for his life motto or something and he told them "I. Go. Hard." I want to make a shirt that says my life motto--"I Go Soft"-- but I think people might assume I am talking about something other than a feminism based in love. I am going soft, though. Caught myself thinking "Has Huey Lewis always been this good?" the other day. Since baby two I just can't listen to hardcore, nothing more punk than No Age, even. That'll change when I get a minute to put on the new Nu Sensae. I just feel like punk records are a harsh toke for the little ears here, so I keep it dialed to Nilsson and RAM and The Spinners.

Last week I taught William that you can make up songs, so he sings along sometimes with his own versions, and the words are usually something like "Juje Trush Juje Trush" ("Jude Trucks") or "Mom Daddy Home" repeated over and over. Pretty much the best thing ever.

Tomorrow I am going to try a new no-knead bread recipe; last time it was too wet and every time I transferred it, I lost about a third of it and wound up with a delicious loaf of sourdough that was approximately one inches tall. It was about the height of a Mrs. Field birthday cookie from the mall. It made for a slender sandwich, I will tell you.


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