February 28, 2012


I wrote a long thing about Sleigh Bells' record for SPIN. Cheerleader pop, but it's mostly about death and dying and suicide.

I talked to Craig Finn for GQ about infamous solo records that paved his way for his solo album, including David Lee Roth's spanish language album: "Him singing in Spanish really highlights what's amazing about him. David Lee Roth is a great example of 'If you can't sing that well, just make sure you have something to say.' "

I wrote a thing about Lana Del Rey for the NY Times "Room For Debate" section. Just in case you were not sick of talking about and reading about her. I imagined last night that her press campaign went so nuclear around the release date that now she is just sitting alone with nothing to do, just like, brushing her long flaxen locks and staring down at the hotel pool, watching The Voice and wondering who would pick her.

I wrote more about having lived the Rihanna/Chris Brown dynamic in my younger years for Rookie yesterday.

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