February 24, 2012


Im not a rude guy who just goes around calling women b*tch but at this point, this is not just a wake up call to let go and do something good. I have been doing good, I have a track record. I have been doing good in the community with the kids around the Bay Area. Just being involved with the programs around here. The message that is missing (for me) is about this whole aggressive sexual thing. It is entertainment to me. I have been saying that for a long time. I have been making money off of it. I could have spoke about what I really believed in, I could have been a Tribe Called Quest or KRS-One type artist, but I knew if I just write these little curses, people would want to hear that. My mind was saying do what they like. At the same time I was battling with myself on doing what I thought and knew was right.

Too $hort, in dialogue with dream hampton in Ebony.

There are many parts of this conversation that almost made me cry, for so many reasons. Ms. Hampton talking about what young girls accept as normal behavior from boys. Too $hort realizing, at 45 years old, that his idea of how to turn a girl on is actually to assault her and that he has never been told any different. Too $hort, 20 years into his career, being honest that he knew the money was in being nasty, not in being honest. Too $horts sadness on the version of masculinity he has been sold, and insisting he is not to be forgiven for this, for profiting on womens pain. Its all heavy, heavy shit.

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