January 30, 2012


Things that didn't make it into my Lana Del Rey story for SPIN:

-- When Princess Superstar met LDR 2 years ago she had "crazy ghetto nails" and used to go up to Harlem to get them done. PS immediately took a shine to her because that's what she did, too.
--Primary word Princess Superstar used to describe Lana Del Rey: "Respectful".
--No one that I interviewed on or off the record had a single bad thing to say about LDR, including ex-boyfriends, who insisted "she is exactly the same way now, the same person, as she was when I met her five years ago."
--Her A&R guy started to tell me a story about how she once burned him on the arm with a cigarette, then stopped himself.
--He had previously been at another label where a year before they had passed on signing LDR. He happened to be out sick the day she was there and missed meeting her.
--David Nichtern, who initially signed her as Lizzy Grant is also one of the foremost Buddhist meditation teachers in America.
--A classmate from her prep school in CT described her as "preppy".

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