January 13, 2012


This one is so good. So, so good.

This documentary about Charlotte Rampling is playing in Chicago for the next few days at the Gene Siskel downtown. If I was not too pregnant to sit in a movie seat for 2 hours, I would go see it tomorrow. Instead, I will watch it on YouTube while reclining in my home. How much do you love her?

Also, did you know they make WATERMELON VANS?
BUT ONLY IN TODDLER AND KID SIZES. I am totally going to make my own. And order some for William. Matching food shoes, mother and son style. Whimsical shoe gang, whaddup.

Dude. Also, sledding. When the mini blizz hit yesterday ( dumping 6 inches of snow the day after 55 degree weather that had the construction dudes next door in short sleeves, thank you global warming!) we literally RACED to Target for a baby sled before things got treacherous. When we got home, I pulled William on it from the car to our front steps and when I went to get him out, HE CRIED. Sledding: all it takes is one time. We went inside and got our snowpants on and such and had a snack and went back out and despite being like, 7.5 months pregnant, I towed a sled--ran even--in a big four block loop around our hood and it was maybe the best time ever. Granted, today, I feel like hell, BUT! Doing something with William that I have such good memories of doing as a kid myself. If you have access to a kid and a sled and some snow, I really recommend you do it to it: get the (s)led out.

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