January 08, 2012


Unreleased LaBelle song, live on Rock Concert c. 76. Can we just talk about the unrealness of this? When Patti gets up in front of Nona and starts going "I know. I know. Who. You. Are!"? Sweat pouring down her face. Nona so defiant looking. HEAVY MESSAGES. Even for the seventies, that shit is heavy. I got chills when Patti just goes for it. Also, obviously, Nona's outfit kind of wins here--the side lace garter boots up to her hotpants/jewelledface/baby bonnet helmet/native-style leather white fringe top makes Lady Gaga look like some mall chick in a THINK PINK track suit and dirty Uggs by comparison, no? Patti's yellow silk skants (skirt pants) jumpsuit is bizonkuliss and dude, Sarah dash's outfit is like gold on copper and a monolith of ruffles. BEST BAND EVER. Posted by jessica hopper at January 8, 2012 10:16 PM | TrackBack