December 12, 2011


I went to New York City last week and did things. On the airplane home, I ran out of magazines to read because the bummer about travelling twice in the same week span (I went to Portland the week before, to meet a baby) and had already burned through that week's trash mags--and while I will pay a few bucks for In Touch I am not so desperate to read Life & Style which is like a budget version of In Touch, but with less Kardashians and more tertiary TV stars. Thank my lucky stars--the previous passenger in my seat was a OB/GYN doctor or ladyparts researcher (or someone with an intense hobby) of some sort and left behind a bunch of medical journals about birthing, gnarly lawsuits related to birthing mishaps, really intense diseases of the hoo-hoo, the likelihood that women who are really hirsute from hormonal imbalances feel shy about their bodies, warts, FDA black boxes warnings and syndromes. So gnarly and so, so fascinating. I read all four of them cover to cover even though I barely understood some of the studies and reviews. Oh, and I learned that we should all be using IUDs, for efficacy and ease. The syndromes I learned about, I won't even tell you, they are totally intense. Way, way better than Life & Style.

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