November 18, 2011


I wrote about the Twilight movie that comes out today. Here is my candid review for I SAW THAT and here if my profesh review of it for The Daily, diff strokes for different jokes.

I did a piece on Kimya Dawson for All Things Considered last week or maybe it was two? ago. Her new record is about motherhood and sobriety and the oilspill and people dying and hippies. It's not for everyone but I really like a couple songs.

Here is a picture of my other son, who is coming out in March.
Photo 18.jpg
Which is to say I am five months pregnant, presently.

This is not a very fine picture of it, but this is William, last night, dancing on a chair while he plays the harmonica for his grandma, over the phone. Yesterday, after a few weeks of occasional practice, I just let him have the harmonica to run around the play room with while I cooked dinner and about 40 minutes later, he just gets it and is playing, playing, playing--blowing a tune, in-out-in-out. And dancing, which is mostly swaying and bending his knees. But for someone who is a mere 15 months old, I think is pretty serious dancing.
Photo 19.jpg

ALso, I did a 10 inspirational moments in Bjork history for Rookie, which includes her early anarcho-feminist band that was on Crass records. Which I forgot existed for the last like, 12 years or so. They were pretty rad. Anyhow, everyone read Rookie, the feminist fun fanzine of today that Tavi does. My sister Lauren is one of the editors, along with my super hard working friend Anaheed, who used to be my occasional editor at the Reader, and I am real proud of them.

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