October 26, 2011


Salem Bitch Trials may have a hit on their hands. You like girls and punk, right? As Cali remarked "Great song, great topic."

Baltimore MC (or "femcee" if you rather) Chinky Miyake's "Dial Tone". Good girls go to heaven and "hoes go to voicemail".

So, finally, after owning it since I think 1999 (Myopic $8.99) and even putting it out in the 2-hour garage sale--it had been a decade and still it languished unread!--I went and fished Anita Hill's Speaking Truth To Power out of the box in the garage and WHAT A PAGE TURNER. I read 174 pages in one sitting and she is so straight ahead and lawyerly and yet it is so dishy and also IT WILL MAKE YOU HATE ARLEN SPECTOR MORE THAN YOU ALREADY DO. She makes so asides about Joe Biden's fake smile. HE CALLED HER "KIDDO". As in the night before the senate hearings he calls her and says "Oh, kiddo, I wish this wasn't happening to you," when she, like the fucking Yale Grad legal scholar she is, is pressing him for how the proceedings are going to go and how her statement is going to be used and no one will tell her straight and Biden lies to her and also decides the next day that since it's an "extraordinary" session, there will be no rules or protocol or standards adhered to and that Clarence Thomas, because his is already confirmed as a Justice, will be given "the benefit of the doubt" so that the word of anyone else is not considered equally. I watched some footage from the 20th anniversary doc about the hearings and it's infuriating, but then you read it, and you read about all the things Professor Hill had to go through just to testify on her own behalf and senators saying she was racist to bring these charges, and them deciding not to call the three other women who had been harrassed by Thomas because of "a lack of time" though they then allowed Thomas and his witnesses another two days. IT WILL WANT TO MAKE YOU BOIL THESE SENATORS ALIVE. IN A LAKE OF URINE.
One of the nastiest senators own dad called Professor Hill a few days after and apologized for his son's embarrassing behavior. Only person that didn't persecute Prof. Hill? SURPRISE? Lion of the Senate, natch. HE APOLOGIZED TO HER FOR EVERYONE ELSE WRINGING HER OUT--he was angry. Man, for all his weirdness, Kennedy was the last or perhaps only great politician of that caliber. For a man of his privilege, age and race, he was more human and reasonable than any other Senator on that panel, at the least. That's the least you can say.
Old white senatorial perverts go to voicemail.

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