October 24, 2011


I reviewed the new Coldplay album for The Daily. Being the biggest band on earth is not about making music or art or statements (they are not the Beatles, Stones or Nicki Minaj), though they certainly benefit by people believing that they are anything other than well-lubricated simulacrum. File under:not news.

Also, I forgot to post this earlier, when it ran--an interview with Aaron Cohen about his 33 1/3 book about Aretha's Amazing Grace. It's just a tiny scrap of the extensive ground her covers in the book. The 33 1/3 books are super hit or miss, but Cohen's really passionately reportorial and he ties together a lot of cultural and musical angles.

And in news of unbridgeable pop chasms: Why is Jackson Browne's 1977 live album Running On Empty now fascinating me? It's all about drugs and how being on the road starts to kill you, total seventies backstage time capsule but really the universal story of the before and after the show, the soundguy losing the girl he likes to the drummer, cocaine, cocaine, Glen Frey singing backups on your song about cocaine.

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