October 20, 2011


Made a pledge to not hear Lana Del Rey til she is oh, like, thirty, but alas, I gave in. First thing I thought is that the baby voice-d parts serve as mocking critique of RNR/pops girl since her Goffey/King (re)invention. Second thing I thought is that maybe the baby voice is her version of Prince's 'Camille" voice? Is it the generational battle rap reply to Springsteen's "Candy's Room", but written from the perspective of the patriarchal jerk-fantasy Candy? (If so, the video should be her flipping off a Sprinsteen poster and jerking off, which I am guessing it's not.) She's the Candy that makes you believe she loves you, comforts you with her ability to approximate fantasy girl--image plays the same. Dead/mythical/alive but unknowable and beyond you, so fuck you for falling for it. "So real I am beyond fake"--it's "Doll Parts" redux but with an unreliable narrator. Blonde trickster with doorknocker hoops.

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