October 16, 2011


You live you life on the internet with no thought about the trail of casual bullshit you leave behind. Not just like, tweets and intentional stuff, like Facebook updates (nothing in my news but pix of the dogs of people I barely know) or your bands old Myspace page--but the stuff you just leave out there. And then, someone, like me, who is fact checking whether a comparison to Tina Turners Thunderdome outfit is correct. And then two clocks later you are in a strangers Flickr, with their serious couple portraits of them contemplating each other in a Chipoltle with a sudden, vast and full understanding about how the other half lives.

Check my Chipoltle pose.

Post-burrito sensuality face.

Romantic on a stool.

Maintaining eye contact.

Carlos says: "Act natural, guys."

They met in an acting workshop.

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