October 12, 2011


I am so lucky to do I SAW THAT bloggings with Regarding. She is so funny about American Horror Story that new show that stars Coach's Wife from Fri Ni Li and Dylan McDermott's wang. To wit:

"Then it turns out the gay couple murder-suicided themselves right in that very house and that’s why the house is so cheap. The house, just to let you know, looks like the fucking Getty museum or something. What is with people in movies/tv somehow being billionaires all the time? Do psychiatrists make that much money, that they can afford to buy a perfectly preserved 18-bedroom Victorian mansion in Los Angeles? how much did that murder-suicide bring the price down, like, 99%? He doesn’t even seem like a very good psychiatrist. The only two patients we see him with are (1) the girl he fucks in his wife’s bed and (2) a creepy boy who he immediately is unable to keep from sneaking into his house and corrupting his daughter seemingly every moment of the day. Probably a good tip for a psychiatrist who seems to have mostly just psychotically-troubled violent teenage boys as patients is maybe you shouldn’t hold your practice at your home address where your moody daughter is wandering around cutting herself with razor blades?"

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