September 24, 2011


Wrote a long piece about the anniversary boxset of Nirvana Nevermind, the selling of the Cobain legacy, Kurt being flattened into a sort of white-boy-with-the-blues-pancake with Jim Morrison, why it's sad. I think I am the only person who wrote a review of this that wasn't totally awestruck and stoked on the revisitation. We're so so so used to flame being kept alive (and sellable!) and nostalgia as a kind of default function and the nineties as this impossible golden era. Mostly I miss 25 cent stamps, particular dead people still being alive, the kind of time everyone had before the internet ate it, that people would just stop by your house. No one stops by now. Texting removes effort. I do not miss Sassy Magazine. I do not miss MTV with videos. I don't miss the grunge revolution, though I wish Liz Phair had made more than one great album and that Fugazi was still together.

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