August 09, 2011


Sadly, friends, we have realized we need to get rid of Monkee. She needs to go live someplace where there is not a baby stressing her out and yanking her tail and trying to bonk her face with toys. Preferably some place where maybe she is the only cat, but she can manage with another cat, but not a dog, because she will abuse your dog. She would be really happy to be an indoor/outdoor cat, if you have a porch--or jeez, even a yard. She is a champion mouser--that was why I got her, to patrol the ghetto lean-to that I lived in in my mid-twenties. She is playful, but she is mostly a snuggler, a lap cat, or happy sleeping in her basket. She's up on all her shots and all that, since she is about nine years old. She still has claws. She likes ping pong balls and sleeping under the covers with you. She eats Science Diet and takes no medication and is totally amenable to wearing those kitty-cat fake nails that you glue on to protect your furnitures.
Perhaps, if you are interested, you can come to our garage sale/show this weekend and meet her. Details later this week.

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