July 19, 2011


"It's this kind of syndrome—where if a guy sees his girlfriend likin' somebody, that's called 'bitch-power.' Like Elvis Presley was hated by men, hated, 'cause he had bitch power. Teddy Pendergrass has bitch power, I just found out that I have a little bitch power. But beyond bitch power"—great album title, no?—"I have something else, that men like—and that's the truth, and the down-to-earth shit, OK? So men don't mind bringin' their women to see me, 'cause I have bitch power but it's in another way."

Bangs on Patti"Patti's heroes may be gone, but she is both with us and for us, so strongly that her music is something, finally, to rally around. For one thing, she has certain qualities that can make her a hero to a whole generation of young girls, and may not be what you think. Suffice to say that Patti has done more here for woman as aggressor than all the Liberation tracts published, and has pushed to the front of the media eye that is just as much a process (ordeal) of learning to "become" a "woman" as it is for men wrestling with all this ballyhooed "manhood" business. It's this tough chick who walks like Bo Diddley and yet is all woman that we've been waiting for for so long, a badass who pulls off the feat of being simultaneously idol of women and lust object of men (and women, no doubt)."

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