June 24, 2011


Via my co-pilot of I SAW THAT, Ms. Regarding, I present to you, this thing that is the best. Bridesmaids junket interview for French tv, where the host only asks questions about pooping and farting. The mindblowingness starts around 1:30.

First one to write the spec screenplay for "Homeless Fart" wins.

Also, can anyone possibly explain at all why it took me this long to get fully obsessed with Billy Bragg? Why did I think he was like, adult contemporary MOR with a punk past? I think collaborating with Wilco threw me off the trail and in highschool, everyone I knew who loved Billy Bragg were equally obsessed with like, The Housemartins and The Farm (peace to "Groovy Train") and British people I could not get down with. I did not know he is the siren truth of the worker. Thusly, his time is never more now than now, as there is not a one of us, really, who is not living the speedup just to get by.

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