June 14, 2011


When you become a mom all you see is little things everywhere. I have laser sites on all other little kids as well as little dog, birds, chipmunks and plants to show William when we walk; the world feels like a showcase of the tender and vulnerable things of the world when you are introducing it all to your baby. And you see 90 year olds at the bakery so desperate for a conversation and not able to remember the word for pie, and the toothless guy that is washing the window and comes into announce that his other toothless friend with him is getting lucky with a lady outside and you look outside and the friend is offering his almost empty bottle of booze to a middle aged hippie lady in Tevas waiting for the bus and all you think is "that is someone's baby" and imagine the person who the happiest day of their life was when they birthed this old guy, or the adult windowwasher guy who has as many teeth as my baby son.

Quite a few of my ladyfriend writer friends aired annoyance about this Edith Zimmerman GQ cover story. I think it's rad and ballsy in one regard, that a feminist lady got paid maje duckets to write about what basically amounted to a drunken date (PALM-KISSING?!) with this half-star and it reads like it's right out of Rollerderby or something--it's about her, not him. In another way I am annoyed because you know, whether yr 3 mos or 15 yrs into a writing career and no matter how serious you are there are always, always people who still assume you are in it for access to celeb diznick and anything that enforces that stereotype (remember Ultragrrrl doing interviews drunk on peoples laps?) is like...ugh. Then it's like, well, it's not Edith Zimmerman's fault that women are not allowed full spectrum expressions professional lives and she needn't be hemmed in by haters and sexist azzhats who think any woman having a goodtime outside of the laundry room is a "cum-guzzling slut". And then there is also a me that is jealous because for the money one gets paid to write a coverstory like that I would catch and eat a small dog on camera.

I found this story about playground development totally inspiring and it choked me up.

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