June 03, 2011


Nora said "look casual" so we did our best.

And so we got hitched. Six year anniversary. "Reception" of me, Matt, Nora and baby William got the total cost on this whole shimdango to $100. The reception was at Pret A Manger. We toasted ginger ale and in lieu of cake, Matt and I shared a cookie, which we put in our freezer to take out and eat in a year like you are supposed to do with wedding cake, but if we manage to go that long without one of caving and eating it "accidentally", I doubt either of us is gonna wanna nibble on that frostbitten shit, but we're totally gonna.

Meanwhile! William was the littlest witness and was really patient for all three minutes of this important event. My dress is a $5 turn of the century linen sailor dress that Robin thrifted me like 4 or 5 years ago which I had never worn, inexplicably. I chose it because it fit and because I wouldn't have to iron it and I had never worn it before. Classic mom choices. We got married on Matt's lunchbreak, which, I know, SUPER ROMANTIC 3000--it's like, why bother to even have a honeymoon?! Matt, dutifully, went back to work and William and I went home because it was his naptime. But now we are legally a family! Huzzah!

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