May 24, 2011


In the panels depicting sex acts, the women tend to look lovely, while Mr. Brown with his tight, unsmiling mouth; bald head; and long, thin body resembles a praying mantis with testicles. " I am glad that the paper of record will never describe me that way. I mean, at least I hope not.

Congrats to Caryn Ganz for her story about Nicky Minaj getting in the Da Capo Best Music Writing 2011 (guest editor Alex Ross)-- and same to Evelyn McDonnell for her profile on Runaways drummer Sandy West and Hit it or Quit it alumnus Chris Richard for his great story about the lost P Funk mothership which prompted the Smithsonian to find and acquire it (!). There is not much in the way of honors in rock crit world, so this is kind it. My MIA essay made it in. This is the fifth time. It's always a thrill to be included. Two or three more times and I beat Greil Marcus, he's in it every year it seems. I think Christgau and I are tied at five. I would like something, like, a trophy, or a vast sum or even steady work would do.

Tied with Christgau! I might make myself a plaque; or just etch it in the side of a banana and keep it on my desk until it rots.

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