May 18, 2011


Ann on Patti and girl genius--just a banner essay here: "This hits so close. The feeling of seeing ourselves and our ambition in reflected in someone great and immediately quashing it with self-denial. Saying, I could never do that. I could never be that. Iím just a 22-year-old girl." Also, Ann's parody of this totally WTF trend story about how white men are finally getting their due and landing jobs editing magazines... just like they have been since the 1880s. Your trend piece is my patriarchy.

I know we all are likely suffering OFPF (Odd Future Profile Fatigue), butRachel Haadzi Gansah's piece in Black Book is new information in spots, some freshness to it--I think she's a writer to start paying attention to, thought no one has deemed to include her in a special trend piece on lady writers (why not just call us "scribettes"?) that mostly just highlights how there are like 4 or maybe now 5 female pop critics working in all of America, how there are few-no female assigning editors at major publications, how many super talented ladies are a decade into freelance hustle, still.

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