May 05, 2011


'Member my book tour summer before last with Katie Stelmanis and her band and the twin Ghost Bees? They all have different band names--Austra and Tasseomancy respectively but look at them together in this Austra video, which is on Pitchfork and everything. Perhaps the twins won't have to support themselves doing Burrito Bike (google it) forever! Maybe they can be the next LCD soundsystem or whatever Antler/Panda-related band is most popular now. Pantlers and such, please cede your popularity to these fine Canadian womens! It's only fair! I pledged money to the Tasseomancy kickstarter for their record and in exchange I get a tarot reading via Skype. The last time the Twins did my tarot it predicted my pregnancy. I love those little witches!

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