April 27, 2011


Top Chef is long done, but yet my Top Chef dreams still come. I competed in a TC finale in my sleep two nights ago, I prepared rainbow spaghetti, which was barely cooked some of it might have even been straws I pulled from a drawer. I realized also some were barely cooked, so I put them in my mouth to soften them up, like I do with William's organic baby cheerios. And then I topped it with a chocolate ganache. And then I waited, wondering "what have I done? This is not even food".


Trying to de-crunch spaghetti in my mouth.
Also, if spaghetti was purple or rainbow, I would make it more often.
In real life, it's best I not know how to make ganache, because it's doubtful I would make anything else if I did.

I am not sure if this dream is better than the dream I had where I had a giant carved relief on my headboard of 80's era-Willie Nelson. It had eyes that appeared to follow you around the room, ala Scooby Doo. How great would that be? It would be the greatest.


Poly Styrene died. The only time I remember actually stealing personal property on purpose was taking an X-Ray Spex CD from a party when I was 15 or 16. My totally adult bandmate, who was perhaps 28, brought me to a punk rock grown ups party and this was next to the boom box and somehow I had never heard it and someone put it on and once I heard it I couldn't live without it, so I took it. I remember sitting on an all season porch in South Minneapolis with christmas lights and grandma style patio furniture and feeling like a child and slipping that CD into my bag feeling like it was too important not to take it, like I needed it more than they did, the grown ups, who had plenty of bands to mean something to them. I was a girl and actually angry, and so the X-Rey Spex, Poly Styrene, they were more rightfully mine. My childish reasoning still holds.

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