March 29, 2011


Charlie Bertsch (you remember him from Punk Planet days!) on a new Kompakt-remixing-Kenyans album"Does the finished product break new ground in European art’s engagement with so-called “primitive” cultures? Or is it just the latest example of the simultaneously passionate and patriarchal exoticism that played such a crucial role in Modernism? And, less abstractly, is this one of those cases in which a record is more interested in doing good than sounding good?"

and from last week, Rich Juzwiak on Chris Brown and racism and celebrity reproach and per his steez, so much more : "Brown echoed the sentiment today, when after his window-smashing tantrum at Good Morning America, he tweeted: "I'm so over people bringing this past shit up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there bullshit." If you read this as a plea for fairness, Brown's words sound like those of a child who can't wrap his head around the fact that not everyone wants to celebrate his feces like his mommy does."

Nitsuh Abebe on Odd Future and inclusion "When I saw the group in Austin, the energy surrounding them was fierce and sort of beautiful. A crowd of kids stood around chanting “FUCK STEVE HARVEY” in an effort to lure the group onto the stage. These were not kids whose lives I imagine being much impinged upon by the existence of Steve Harvey. Was there some point I missed where white Texan parents started boring their kids with his radio show on long drives? On one message board I read, there was a poster who thought “Steve Harvey” might be made up, just an imaginary object of Odd Future’s scorn. This has to say something about the lure of this group, that people want to join them in telling Steve Harvey to fuck off—just because the energy is right, not because they actually care so much who Steve Harvey is."

It's funny to me that people got mad or expected something other than Odd Future's fuck you ad campaign (why are people even getting up about that, not respecting their marketing opps properly? C'mon...!) and cutting short a set and disrespecting people. I think the bulk of their audience, that's what they want from them. They don't want complicity, they want insults and barely bridled energy and screaming fuck yous and exclusions, so they can feel like they are cool or have #swag by proxy. It's kind of a Sex Pistols sitch, but maybe it's more like bad boyfriend who fucks you right?

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