March 25, 2011


My interview with Emily Lacy, one of my very favorite artists in this week's Reader. She plays FOR FREE, six pm this coming Tuesday at the MCA. Should be totally 'mazing.

This new Kimya Dawson song is not what you or I or maybe anyone was expecting from her new album. Autobiographical epic about getting sober, growing up and getting right, seeing your friends die too young, seeing a trans friend actualize who they always wanted to be... and then Aesop Rock raps. I think people expect topical work from her, but lighter, sweeter. This is very much the realness of getting grown.

Sean Fennessy on Frank Ocean and R&B sensuality in recent downloadable raps, "etc.".

John Darnielle from Mountain Goats talks about growing up in a radical lefty home and learning values.

Gossip Wolf reports on Ben Weasel punching girls and Pitchfork rumors

Last night, I dreamt that myself, MNDR, Erika M. Anderson and Matt Sweeney and 1984-era Steve Wynn from Dream Syndicate had this amazing mid-80's rock/new wave band. The dramatic parts were kind of like Til Tuesday, the rock parts were assertive and straight kind of like Dream Syndicate but the guitars were so great. Erika and Amanda singing... But then we also kind of sounded like this. Wavey party songs.

I would be wholly unworthy of joining an Erika Anderson/Amanda Warner band. Jesus Christ, that would be good.Is that the best idea I have ever had? PERCHANCE. I find it reassuring that the world is finally noticing both of these womens beyond-the-beyond brilliance and assertive musical vision. I like to think of Erika as Thurston and Kim in one person, but she's linear and more original than that feeble comparison. I guess by that, she's the cool bitch boy, the shredder, the hot-pulse girl, the sensual-and-free feminist superpower ying and yang in one. Amanda Warner, well, MNDR, she's just the first Madonna record come to life, but every reign is in her hand. She's just a Top 40 diamond slumming it underground.

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