March 10, 2011


I was thinking the other day about how I was jealous of several of my friends that quit Facebook, reject it as evil wholly, or are instead reverting to listserv to make announcements and discuss amongst friends. I was thinking about while I find Facebook useful, in a profesh capacity, it is strange to be in such touch with people. I got to thinking about who are some of the people I am "friends" with, but do not actually know:

-my mom's real estate agent in the eighties.
-A former boyfriend's hairdresser, who sang in a band he pressured me into doing publicity for.
-the very boring brother of someone who played in a band I worked with years ago, who I met once, about five years ago, he was the only man I've ever met who began explaining how much money he makes with the assumption I was interested in such a topic. I thought that guy was an invention of movies.
-A woman who drove me to the airport when I spoke at her college.
-Someone I blv to be a member of Hold Steady's roadcrew in some capacity, but he might just be their friend who is always at their Chicago shows?
-The current boss of a former editor.
-Ben Sizemore, who sang in Econochrist.
-A co-worker from the cashier job I had winter of 11th grade who got fired right after I started working there.
-The nine-year-old former bandmate of a friend's daughter

How would I keep up with these people if not for Facebook? NO IDEA. I might have to spend the rest of my life forgetting about them, forgetting about not actually knowing them, their name decaying beyond the place of memory, survived only the brief circumstances when we met. Or didn't. The internet is good at a lot of things, but the terribleness of keeping in touch with strangers lives, is one of it's most acute bounties.


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