March 06, 2011


Nothing is brewing due to the annual mid-winter TV k-hole. We are down it. Mad Men? Perhaps you have heard this show? I like to stay behind certain cultural zietgeist by, like, 5 years--so we just started it last week. As a result nothing has gotten done but some laundry. I read three pages of a book and the restaurant review in the New Yorker and a seed catalog.

Despite never having seen the show, I read writing on it by writers I admire and respect (Molly Lambert, chiefly) while it was happening, but all I really remember is all the to-do about Pete being a rapist this last season. I am only a season 2, were he is just a pie-faced cretin. Matt hates everyone on the show except Bobby Draper, who is all of 4. It is such a weird and wonderful thing, satisfying TV. I was a latchkey kid and I had a TV in my bedroom starting in 4th grade (it was black and white, with a rotary dial, even!) I watched a lot of TV. Like the Today show before I went to school (why isn't there a band called Gene Schalit's Mustache?). I watched so much TV--hours a day--that I burnt out on it and it held no interest starting in high school until I think maybe 28 or 29, when I saw The Wire, save for a season of The Sopranos. The Wire was a revelation. TV could be great, not this utterly shameful indulgence.

That said: WHY ISN'T CHINA BEACH ON DVD? Dana Delaney has some new show in which she appears mildly botoxed, can't her cougar-joke filled comeback buoy her old career up some?

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