February 22, 2011


In my brain fantasy, this is how I would dress all the time. Given the time and money, I would dress like "A Career Woman c. 1978" in a St. John button sweater top and a velvet blazer and SLACKS. Also, this entire Milly line made me actually go onto the internet (Etsy) and look up options of culottes and knickers. Whenever I start considering knickers, I have to remember I am 5'4 on my tallest days and not a model and thus I will look like a fool hobbit if I wear knee-button breeches. As Teeter might say, that look is "stumpifying".
Jewel tone velvet outfits, I want you still.
That said, I already know my summer look is basically ankle grazing dresses, you know, very fourth wife, lots of purple, modest, ponytails--very religious compound chic, very "au pair from a distant bloc".

Why do all bands sound like the Arcade Fire? It is only going to get worse, this already bad effect. I don't intended to put up with any more of it. TENSION BUILDING TRIUMPHANT EUPHONY!

I am excited about our new mayor, our major player mayor elect. Rahm. He was more handsome three years ago, but he is still handsome. I feel like he is a real git-r-done asshole, but also slightly creepy, but also really moral and is not going to put up with letting this city rot in the fetid sump trench that 186 years of Daley regime has dug us into. Huzzah! Fingers crossed.

And if you have not heard it you should get your hands on the song "Carolina" by Super Wild Horses. They are Australian girls and their words are clear and good and their notes are sour and tuff.

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