February 17, 2011


Andrea, from my new favorite punk rock band I blv in circa 2010, Nu Sensae, is in another band with some people (the lady?) from the also spectacular White Lung (CANADIAN WOMEN IN HARDCORE EXPLOSION, TRUE LOVE ALWAYS, FROM ME TO YOU)--they have this other band Heavy Chains that I hope is opening the Nu Sensae/White Lung tour (a girl can dream!). It's Wipers-esque tension and driven beat, but like Hammerhead noise levels. There is no part of that equation not to put you in a pant, no?

Also, after a bout of outrage that lasted a solid 200 pages, I am totally feeling the tail end of the Keith Richards biography, because the final chapter reads like a really chatty email from an aged relative. Several pages devoted to his pets that live on his various estates, their personalities, names, the hired help who takes care of them--and he will bust out a sentences like "Now, myna birds I never did get along with." and follow it with an explanation about how in 1980 he killed Ron Wood's bird, like removed it from it's cage and killed it because he thought it was an alarm clock. But it was ok, because Ron Wood hated the bird anyhow. Also, a first person account from his brain surgeon about removing his bloodclot after he bonked his head on the tree. Also, he like hippopatumus' but is not into turtles. Because they will take off your hand.
I appreciate that he is ramping down into a docile, puttering out kind of conclusion. Long slow fade from burning down hotel rooms and introducing John Phillips to heroin, down into throwing a rock at a giant turtle in his lake because it tried to take his fish.

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