February 14, 2011


SEASON 2! Hit it or Quit it podcast returns! Episode #20! Our Valentines/Reagan Centennial special! Romance and Reaganomics! Perhaps in a fit of mercy Michael edited out J.R's moving/horrifying/hysterical story of losing his virginity to Best of The Doors as a college freshman--WHILE WEARING AQUASOCKS. To mask foot odor, not because the act was taking place on slick rocks at the beach. Also, I confess the terrible song that is Matt's an my song, and we give our callers--couples without songs--new AMAZING SONGS FILLED WITH ROMANCE.
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I came home the other night, and William was wearing this shirt, that his father had made him.
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I have convinced Matt that we should start a band called The Hootles. Our first record is going to be us showcasing our country roots with "Fiddlin' with The Hootles"--naturally the cover is us holding our fiddles. Our follow-up is "Hoo Let The Hootles Out". We will practice on the weekends, during William's naps.

I am not sure why I am reading it (I BOUGHT IT NEW, NO LESS! WTF!), given my limited interest in The Rolling Stones, rockstars, drughabits, et. al-- but, I am exactly half way through Keith Richard's tome Life. As other people may have already told you, it's the stories you want, but all the details you don't care about and none of the ones you do. Two pages for Altamont, which can be summarized as "it stunk from the beginning, sad about the death, glad we had a helicopter to get us out!". Two pages elapse between finding out Anita Pallenberg is pregnant with his son and the son being born, but with no mention of how he felt about it, both tossed off like casual mentions. Roughly 8 pages dedicated to the breakthrough of open tunings on his playing. Many, many discursive asides about his "mates"--various handlers, hangers on, drivers, drug dealers, minor characters named shit like "Spanish Ricky", details of his drug habit, tripping with Counts, the particular qualities of Moroccan hash, him driving his boat on The Riviera high to get an Italian breakfast because Italians do the eggs right. It's like someone took an early Hold Steady song and gave the characters a million dollars and expanded it from 4 minutes to 500 pages. Props to him, though, for being a famous junkie and making having a drug habit sound as boring as it truly is.

ALSO: Truly boring childhood--The Glass Castle it ain't. I skipped from the founding of The Stones to right when "Satisfaction" hit because I did not care to read about how much they were making every night (MERE PENCE!) and how they all just wanted, more than anything to be "black motherfuckers". Duh.

At one point he mentions how they had been on the road non-stop for four years and were exhausted, but that is maybe like, the second or third time at all that you might even have a hint they are a touring band. So, basically, I am like, 300 pages deep and listing forward based on some Gram Parsons gossip--more or less. I am too far in to quit. More TK! I am blazing along, book a week now, for my 2011 reading pact! Tales of Spanish Ricky will not impede my progress!

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