February 08, 2011


I am several of these, but I think #37 is probably coming closest to home these days. "What's your bitchnumber?"

How about some Ken Camden for ambiance? Ken Camden should get a solo-act name. Ken Camden defs sounds like middle management, not well-tempered guitar drones. Ken Camden is like saying Ken KenKen. Kenneth Camden at least sounds like he should be getting reviewed in The Wire, which I imagine he does. What if his name is not Kenneth, but an outre Ken-name. Kenberly.

Time to order your seeds. I am planting flowers this year as well, or as they are also know "ornamentals". It makes more sense to call them that I suppose, you break up the plants into edible or pretty to look at. I am only doing two, possibly three tomato plants this year, as last years 15 lb a week yield was a little heavy given I was really the only person eating them, though friends suggested I should have just done a micro-CSA/tomato delivery business. I am not so good with moderation in some respects. I want to grow 8 different types of watermelon and every kind of neon pink flower. I am trying to figure out how to petition our neighbors, who gardened half the yard and from what I can gather, let everything but some basil rot on the vine, to cede to my gardening will. I just want it to be wild and lovely, not feel like we are en route to a Big/Little Edie type situation, everything covered in overgrowth and welcoming raccoons as visitors. I will grow them the ingredients for mojitos or whatever, if they just let me go nuts with morning glorys.

I am reading more books than I expected for the pact. Not to floss, or anything, but I have been managing to finish at least a book a week. Finished John Water's Obsessions which is exactly what you want/expect it to be. It made me think of all the people I have known, back-in-the-day-era, who were the scene obsessives, the weirdos, the collectors. Not the nerd dudes who collected toys and kept them in the original boxes on display, but like, the dudes who used to trade videos with other weird dudes, who had vast collections of obscure zines and live tapes. They were encyclopedias of useless lore, the person you knew who owned a grainy dub of the Chuck Berry pissing in a girls mouth footage. Did the internet make those dudes obsolete?

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