February 04, 2011


Gossip Wolf: new Goth party in town, Broken Social Scene returns to it's "old lover" to finish a record that may or may not exist, other stuff, etc.

Also, I am totally needing to know details about the people who were trapped on the busses on L.S.D. in the snowstorm. Everyone not trapped on the busses were hoo-hooing like "duh, who takes Lake Shore Drive when the weather is shitty? They should know better..." but like, even when it's really wet or windy, WHO GETS ON A PACKED CITY BUS IMAGINING THAT THEY WILL BE TRAPPED THERE OVERNIGHT AND GOING THE BATHROOM IN AN EMPTIED BOX OF BABY WIPES? Yes, true story. So sayeth the Tribune! Personally, I think people must have been going in their pants. There is only so much elimination a box of wipes can handle, you know? Joan suggested perhaps people made a "snowtoilet" outside, but the wind off the lake was 63 miles per hour and the people trying to leave their cars once they realized NO HELP WAS COMING had to crawl because the wind was so strong.

Meanwhile, some people got helped by enterprising snowmobile owners. Thinking about the snowmobiles in action is pretty exciting, no? The headline for the snowmobile story was "Snowmobiles to the Rescue" but I think it should have read "Snomobiles, TO THE RESCUE!". The snowmobiles, where did they come from? Is their an organization of do-gooding snowmobile owners, like ham radio owners, who just k.i.t. and are like "ah, this is a job for us!" AND my big question is do those people live in the city? Did they just back them out of the garage? See, I don't think so. That's not a city toy. A ski-doo, maybe. I imagine that those snowmobiles drove at high speeds from Lake County--from the exurbs--down the freeway, to free the Lake Shore Drive drivers trapped. They would get two people at a time and were pulling people to safe haven on sleds! What beats a dramatic rescue by sled? NOTHING.

The woman who sits next to Matt at work was trapped on one of the busses and the cops were taking 5 people at a time off the bus, to the hospital, and the cops did not show til late at night and she did not get rescued until 3 am, by which time she had eaten her lone granola bar. I asked Matt to ask if people were peeing their pants, or what, but he said he was not comfortable asking. That's kind of all I want to know. I think, perhaps, because I can sort of imagine the terrible other aspects of it, but that I am just genuinely curious.

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