January 31, 2011


I misspoke when I said I didn't have any resolutions. I think they were more in the urge phase than the pledge phase. More within the realm of "what must be" or "Life--and how to live it!*"

FOR 2011:
--cut internet time in half, at least
--read three books a month, at least
--learn how to do or make anything that I reasonably can, especially if it's something I buy regularly. Like french bread.
--learn more of music's history
--garden properly, rather than haphazardly
--get around to doing things or just give up on them, rather than be annoyed that I have continually procrastinated them and let them occupy my mind

Reasonable, yes? I am sharing because maybe this might inspire some more pacts. Beyond "36 Books in 52 Weeks". Also, I got a landline, to stave off future cell phone tumorage.

Did anyone else see Miranda July in O(prah) Magazine? They had her do a learning-to-love-you-more type assignment series for their readers, to get their creativity started, but some of them were weirdly negative, like a total hangover from the "Ask Dr. Phil" section, which is usually the most depressing part of even a casual gym read of O--questions and especially the advice--where the creepiest professional doctor in all of the media gives people in horrible situations "scripts" on how to confront people (rapist husband, son that stole your retirement, neighbor who slapped your child) with mealy self-help-lit language. Anyhow, maybe I am misreading MJ's contribution, but telling readers to find a corner in there house wherein to mourn a break up, or to feel their shame and LABEL IT AS SUCH is like MJ's joke on Dr. Phil acolytes and O Readers. Are O readers everywhere dutifully posting a sign that reads "CORNER OF LINGERING CHILDHOOD SHAME"? Is that powerful? Or more shaming?
I wonder.
I wonder if Miranda July got the assignment and she was totally out of practice and was looking around her house, at her shame corner, and just turned on the Bullshit Faucet.

I have checked out Alan Lomax's book from the library. Has anyone read the John Swzed biography yet and should I get it as well?

(* wasn't that a Goleta hardcore band? Oh, I think I am thinking Life But How To Live It! I am unsure where their "!" goes. Perhaps it's "Life! But How To Live It?" which makes the most sense. I am refusing to Google it. I am embracing a new median in lack of knowledge being totally ok.)

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