January 29, 2011


I am I think perhaps six books in to my "36 in 52" pact. A little ahead of schedule. Just finished Kristin Hersh's memoir Rat Girl on recommendations and b/c I try to read every women-in-music memoir and book I can. I am glad the book exists, but it was a slog. Things did not get cranking until like, 150 pages in and the text is constantly interrupted with two or three lines of lyrics interspersed--that derive inspiration from that time--but after 100 pages I just started skipping them. Super impressionistic, the book kind of hovers over her teen life and doesn't really reveal much--or rather, it does so very slowly. She's frozen in depression, and so the tone reflects that.... for a long time. The book assumes that you already care who Hersh is, so there is not a lot of effort to reel the reader in and give us a reason to. The last half of the book, she is is becoming the pregnant teenage alt-rock icon in waiting, so there is some compelling action--though it almost comes too late.

Interesting bit about the reissued Kafka works, their jacket design, the publication of Kafka in America.

Add fennel seeds and this is the Flamkutchen pizza from Crust, aka what I am hungry for like 81% of my waking hours. I know a bunch of your are vegan. Sorry to gross you out with a picture of cream and bacon.

Rahmen Emanuel All that flavor. In this noodle, indeed. Also, Mike Miner on the ruling on our future mayor "Justice Bob Thomas, a former Bears placekicker, wrote the ruling as if channeling Mike Ditka. Thomas asserted that residency law in Illinois was settled from 1867 through January 24 of this year, that is, until the appellate court "issued its decision and announced that it was no longer bound by any of the law cited above....but was instead free to craft its own original standard." Much more sarcasm and ridicule ensued. Wrote Thomas, blowing off the appellate court, "Its reasons for departing from over 100 years of settled residency law are hardly compelling and deserve only brief attention."

This week's Gossip Wolf: Ga'an, Vandermark, EPMD.

ALSO: What blogs to you read? I need new and better ones to link to. MOST Everything I link to is done or hasn;t been updated in like 7 months. HELP.

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