January 26, 2011


William has a new toy, though it's not really a toy per se. Not a typical toy you would give a six month old baby, at least, but when you are a baby, anything you cannot swallow--the cats, your socks--is your plaything. William's new toy is a gift I received as a gift from my old best friend's mom, to remember my now-deceased friend by. I think her mom is parsing out things that belonged to JJ, perhaps because you can only house so much, or maybe it's just a way to get through Christmas when you've lost a child. Regardless, the crazy scarf is here now, with us. JJ's mom knitted it for JJ and says it was JJ's favorite. It's new--I think from past the time when her and I were tightest--a few years when she was in and out of Sober Living. It is a very her scarf. What could only pass as effective winterwear for a Los Angeles winter. It's a free knit thing, about an inch and half wide at it's biggest points, a space-dyed mohair of ochre, red, hot pink, magenta, Barney purple and dark green and brown, a cascade of wild yarning that now hangs over Williams swing, where he tugs and chews on it daily.

It's a tender gift, but, basically, it looks like Perry Farrell's hair circa Nothing's Shocking

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