January 24, 2011


So, I figured out the easy way (by doing) that with my new "job" (I am freelance still, so technically, it's a "gig" but that is right up there with "panties" in my words-I-hate-lexicon, so "job" it is) as the Local Sounds columnist for Chicago Tribune (AMERICAS SIXTH LARGEST NEWSPAPER! STILL!) I do not have to hustle for work as much, and so, I have some time to read.

That is a really long sentence.

Anyhow, I have managed to do a book a week the last two weeks, so maybe I am going to make a year of it. But I think, perhaps, more reasonably, three books a month. I can buy one new one, but the rest must be unread items from my extant collection. It's good to have rules, guidelines. I made no resolutions for 2011, save for thinking that the slogan for the reformulated Listerine "Less Intense, Still As Effective" would be a motto worth putting into life-practice. Who is in with me on the reading? PACT.

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