January 04, 2011


I can't sleep, I just keep awake-dreaming about the garden, which I think we will do right this year because no one wants to see it turn into a vegetable ghetto. I think it's going to be a lot of pink flowers or all sorts. Hot pink and light pink and purple. Just neon boogie up all up the trellis.

I know this imagining I am having is as much a function of actual desiring to garden as it is a fantasy for time and energy. Time and energy, as I have known them, are likely gone for good, being a new mom and all. The new version of having time: When Matt comes home from his NEW JOB (SO PROUD! I KNOW YOU ARE A REAL ARTIST--AN AESTHETE UNDER THAT NICE SUIT!) I will trade the baby to him for a time and work and then work again when they are both fast asleep circa midnight. Such is the nature of our lives right now and it is just fine. It is all fine, because we get William out of this deal. I get to spend all day everyday with this funny little guy we made who now REALLY wants to figure out a way to get around the house on his own steam, and turn his town pages and have a tooth to chew with. LONGING FOR A TOOTH: THE BABY WILLIAM STORY.

In my future free time, I would like to read a whole book--a book that is not about rearing or making or feeding your child, even! And plant Giant Indiana Coxcomb through the whole yard. THIS IS MY PLEDGE!

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