January 03, 2011


Miles and I still have not completed our year end round up. Perhaps it's too late, Maybe we will just do a thing about the records we came late to, or what we liked that is old and not even of this just-passed year. I have this idea that somehow this talk is useful, to point to stuff that is off all radars, resist the psychic death of 1 million fake Animal Collectives and million dollar Kanye vids of dead girls pawed. I am reminded, at this time, of interviewing Mark Anderson from Positive Force about a decade ago--about what I am not sure--and him responding to a question saying he didn't pay attention to some controversial mainstream/underground debate of the time because it was just--not too stupid--but it was distracting from the real work to be done, so he just kept his head down and kept on working. Kanye, he provokes a lot of great writing in my crit peers, and a lot of outrage from a myriad of factions and parties, but I think, really, really, no matter how dazzling his artistry, no matter how much he embodies the American zietgeist, no matter how much he is putting idiotic, rich and diamond-studded macho into the cultural foreground (we never catch a break from that one) I don't even want to get into it. Because it feels like it's just taking the bait. Taking the bait formed much of my early career, but at this point, I'm not going to do 1200 words of outrage over something that is built to outrage me. Dazzling rich assholes being self-obsessed and sexist (to misquote Thurston) is, and will always be, the status quo.

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