January 02, 2011


My dreamlife has a recurring cast: Anthony Bourdain, various Top Chef cast, my parents, friends from jr. high. Recently, NY Times pop critic Jon Caramanica appears in the context of a nightmare I have: I somehow wind up with a job in the Times newsroom. It is always strange and cut throat and competitive--fellow critics sending mariachi bands to my desk so I cannot work, people stealing stories. In every dream I think, if I can find Jon, he can explain how to get out of here, how to lose this horrible job. And, when I do find him, he only speaks in code--or so I think it's code for something--holding forth about Cam'ron lyrics. It's very Lynchian, when he explains, he will speak very intently but also be brushing his teeth or demonstrating something. He is my dreamlife sage, but also a real life sage; 'These ratings and rankings make a statement about not only the presumed quality of the album, but also about institutional decisions regarding an artistís worthiness, and about those institutionsí desire to be seen acknowledging an artistís worthiness."

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