December 20, 2010


You know what I was doing five months ago today? Pacing around my apartment getting read to push out a baby out of my body and into the world. SO CRAZY. Dunno if it will ever stop being such a crazy thing to me. The dawn of motherhood! Still so new and novel. I am fully relishing the cliches of it. And also when I catch Matt doing things like playing "Cosmic Slop" on the little rickety "vintage" Fischer Price xylophone, for William's entertainment, I think I am so lucky and and I relish that as well.

I went to see a show last night, for the first time since 2 days before I had the baby, the Austra/MNDR show at the Bottle. MNDR's Chicago audience is 50% Bears/Cubs. And not our local football/baseball teams. Though that would be amazing as well. The whole show was a super time; Noah put my juice in a special cup, it was perhaps a beer chalice, it felt like a real occasion. No one was really dancing. I think for dancing there either has to be almost no one there, or it has to be like covered-in-strangers-sweat packed. In between is weird. Austra is what Katie Stelmanis' band is called now. Both her and Maya have flowing shiny hair now. The rest of the girls had to stay back in Canadia this trip down, and so they were subbed by two dudes, including one guy who Matt K and I couldn't figure out if he was kind of like a reformed heshian dude who can play every instrument or American Apparel shift manager. He had a shaved-sides ponytail, the consummate return-to-the-nineties updo for men, which, when combined with the semi-sheer black tank top with the arm holes cut extra deep and too big black jeans--it's a total toss up between psuedo-Salem or a real "pro-gear, pro-attitude" band guy in his cool black stage clothes.

Here is last week's Gossip Wolf! and then The year end Top Ten we had to write as Gossip Wolf, which is made up. RIYL if you like stupid jokes about WLS news anchor Ron Magers and LCD Soundsystem.

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